Different Types of Bridal Hairdo

Every girl dream of a being the princess and the center of attention on their wedding day. From choosing their dress to planning their weddings, girls do everything that makes it a day worth to be remembered forever. Well, different brides pay attention to different parts of their outfit and their weddings. Some give more […]

Fixing Dry and Damaged Hair: Causes, Home Remedies & Tips

Before looking at the things you can do to repair damaged hair, let’s start by looking at the causes. Knowing what caused your hair to become damaged ensures that you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Causes There are several things when used improperly, that can damage hair. 1. Hair Dye Chemical dyes, and […]

Effective Tips For Healthy and Lucious Hair

Have you ever watched Disney movies and find yourself drooling on how great the princess’s hair look? Whether it is Rapunzel, Cinderella or even the little mermaid, it is hard to take your eyes off their pretty attires and hairstyles. They are simply enchanting. You might notice that no matter what your eyes are going […]