Let’s Fight Depression and Anxiety with Food

With the pandemic outburst and everything happening around the world, people are feeling more anxious and depressed. Many therefore turn to medication. But, taking medicines to relieve the symptoms of stress or anxiety is not the only option. Certain foods rich in tryptophan, vitamin B, complex carbohydrates, omega 3 and protein can be good natural […]

Kiss Your Dry Lips Goodbye

Since the pandemic outburst, many of us have been asking ourselves the same question: Is it worth spending time on our lips now that we always go out with a mask? The truth is, even though very few people today see our entire face, we should never neglect this very important area of our face. […]

Aging Gracefully: 7 Essential Tips

While plastic surgery can be a drastic measure, the results are not always elegant. It is a fact that in the long run, everyone’s skin will sag, and wrinkles will increase. Fortunately, there are many ways to age well without resorting to needles and expensive bills. 1) Limit Your Skin Care Regimen Applying 10 different […]

10 Ways To Incorporate Vaseline In Your Beauty Care

Vaseline is the name of a well-known brand. It is a mixture of minerals and waxes that is easy to apply and spread. Vaseline has been used for over 140 years as an ointment to heal skin wounds, burns, and scalds. Petroleum is the main ingredient in Vaseline. You may be more familiar with petroleum […]


Beauty Tips For Face: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Naturally Beautiful Skin

Here are some fantastic face beauty suggestions to help you achieve your desired radiance. Look over our beauty secrets, address your skincare concerns, and use our tips regularly to achieve naturally beautiful skin. Your idea of having flawless, blemish-free, and acne-free skin is no longer a dream. We test out every new face wash, sunscreen, […]

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Constipation (Part Two)

Constipation is considered a symptom that signals that the regularity of the individual’s bowel movements does not exceed three times a week. In addition, on many occasions, these few bowel movements can cause pain. This is a fairly common inconvenience that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or gender. This problem can be resolved […]

For All Christian Women: Discovering a Biblical View of Beauty (Part 2)

For All Christian Women: Discovering a Biblical View of Beauty (Part 2)

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me! I was raised in a Christian home – yeah, by now, you’ve got this point – and growing up, I learned how Christians are called to be different from the world. Biblical scriptures tell us that we live in this world, […]

Piercings and Tattoos: A Phenomenon of Society

Much more than a fashion, piercings and tattoos are a phenomenon in a society that attracts many people, especially young people. Although popularized, these practices are not totally accepted by society. People with tattoos and/or piercings are frowned upon, classified as “bad boy or bad girl”. The subject sometimes triggers an argument between parent and […]