7 Tips To Avoid Thigh-Chafing During Summer

Summer brings vacations, the sea, the sun, and a sense of freedom and peace. Yet, for those with so-called “kissing thighs,” there is a season of friction that is so uncomfortable and even painful that wearing certain types of clothing becomes impossible. What can be done about it? Let’s find out! What does it mean? […]

Let’s Talk About Nasal Dryness

The skin is the main protective barrier of our body against external agents, a function that is fulfilled both by the skin of the external area and by the mucous membranes that cover the entrance holes of our body, as is the case, for example, with the nose. In order for the skin to perform […]

How To Identify Counterfeit Cosmetics & Avoid Bad Purchases

Identifying counterfeit cosmetics and products is becoming an increasingly important skill for consumers. With web stores springing up like mushrooms from the digital terrain, the number of fraudsters in the cosmetics industry has increased dramatically. Learn more about the dangers of counterfeit cosmetics and how to spot them. What Are Counterfeit Cosmetic Products? Counterfeit products […]


Top 3 Things You Ought To Know About Genderless Fashion

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, and the fashion industry is one of the fastest involving ones. One of the greatest changes is the emergence of genderless or gender-neutral fashion. This change is also heightened because we as a society crave inclusivity and visibility.