5 Common Mistakes You Do When Washing Your Hair

At first glance, your hair washing method seems very simple. But there are mistakes you may not have noticed that can lead to dehydrated hair, hair breakage, or even scalp infections. Luckily, there are also some groundbreaking tricks that can give you a “hairdresser’s look”. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to help […]

What Is the Best Way To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy?

Yes, you are pregnant! Congratulations! Your body will change a lot and so will your skin. Pregnancy gives you a lot of skin; you can suffer from pregnancy itch, pregnancy acne, etc. Learn more about skin changes during and after pregnancy and how to take care of your skin in this blog! 1) Itching During […]

Let’s Fight Depression and Anxiety with Food

With the pandemic outburst and everything happening around the world, people are feeling more anxious and depressed. Many therefore turn to medication. But, taking medicines to relieve the symptoms of stress or anxiety is not the only option. Certain foods rich in tryptophan, vitamin B, complex carbohydrates, omega 3 and protein can be good natural […]

Kiss Your Dry Lips Goodbye

Since the pandemic outburst, many of us have been asking ourselves the same question: Is it worth spending time on our lips now that we always go out with a mask? The truth is, even though very few people today see our entire face, we should never neglect this very important area of our face. […]

Aging Gracefully: 7 Essential Tips

While plastic surgery can be a drastic measure, the results are not always elegant. It is a fact that in the long run, everyone’s skin will sag, and wrinkles will increase. Fortunately, there are many ways to age well without resorting to needles and expensive bills. 1) Limit Your Skin Care Regimen Applying 10 different […]

10 Ways To Incorporate Vaseline In Your Beauty Care

Vaseline is the name of a well-known brand. It is a mixture of minerals and waxes that is easy to apply and spread. Vaseline has been used for over 140 years as an ointment to heal skin wounds, burns, and scalds. Petroleum is the main ingredient in Vaseline. You may be more familiar with petroleum […]