How Does Alcohol Affect Your Hair?

Everyone knows that alcohol affects the body. There are warnings all over the place about the harmful effects of alcohol, but did you know that alcohol can also affect your hair? The advice from nutrition centers is not to drink alcohol, or at least no more than one drink a day. However, absurd stories about […]

Should You Sleep With Loose Or Tied Up Hair?

The eternal debate: Which is healthier, sleeping with your hair loose or sleeping with your hair tied up? Loose locks damage the skin, and tight elastics damage the hair. Which is the best hairstyle to go to bed? Time to clarify! Pimples From Loose Hair? Sleeping with the hair down has been proven to be […]

Tips To Make Your Ponytail Voluminous

The ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles. Easy to do, practical, and versatile, this hairstyle can be used for everything from everyday life to the most elegant occasions. But how do you create a puffy, voluminous ponytail? Is it possible with short hair? Find out in this article! The ponytail is a strong […]

8 Tips To Strengthen Thin Hair

HELP!!! My hair is getting thin. What can I do to strengthen it? Why Does The Hair Get Thin? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have thick hair. Some people are born with thin hair, while others have thinner and more brittle hair as the years go by. Therefore, several factors contribute to the condition […]

5 Common Mistakes You Do When Washing Your Hair

At first glance, your hair washing method seems very simple. But there are mistakes you may not have noticed that can lead to dehydrated hair, hair breakage, or even scalp infections. Luckily, there are also some groundbreaking tricks that can give you a “hairdresser’s look”. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid to help […]

The Best Hair Ties For Each Hair Type

”Please lend me a rubber band”, everyone has heard this question many times, but every rubber band is different. This is because there are various hair types: straight hair, frizzy hair, wavy hair, curly hair, etc. Just as you use different cleansers for different skin types, you need to use different hair elastics for different […]

7 Protective Hairstyles You Should Try

Whether you want to convert from perms to natural hair or take a break from daily maintenance, wearing hairstyles that protect your hair can be a lifesaver for your hair. What Is a Protective Hairstyle? Protective hairstyles come in many different forms, including braids, twists, bunchet buns, faux locks, and lace wigs. They are hairstyles […]