How to Apply Make-up Like a Pro

Summary Step 1: Prepare your skin Step 2: Even out your skin tone Step 3: Apply your eye shadow Step 4: Apply your mascara Step 5: Apply make-up to your lips To achieve a harmonious and natural result, following a few essential steps is necessary. First, you need to even out your complexion, then apply […]


The 2022 Guide To Man’s Makeup

Makeup should not be associated with gender or sex; skin is skin. There is nothing feminine about putting on makeup; it is a way to take care of your face and make it more beautiful. Whether artistic or aesthetic, men, women and everyone in between can enjoy it. Makeup is used to accentuate your face, beautify it, perfect it or correct it.


EverythingYou Need To Know About Makeup For Man In 2022

For some years now, society has been pressing for a “real man” to be virile, but in a ridiculously macho virility. The man of 2020 is a man who takes care of himself. He takes care of himself and pays extreme attention to his appearance. So yes, we can talk about “makeup” and “man” in […]


Top 7 Essential Makeup Accessories That Everyone Needs

Makeup is for anyone, makeup doesn’t have a gender, and you should let anyone tell you otherwise. Having said this, when starting with makeup, you don’t know what accessories you need and what to do with them. YouTube will be your friend throughout this journey. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and […]

Sustainable Beauty 101- What exactly is Green Beauty?

If you are a skincare junkie, you may have noticed the recent change in the cosmetic and skincare panorama. Beauty companies are now adopting a more sustainable approach and are trying to sell the ultimate ‘green beauty routine’. Celebrity A-listers are also embarking on this trend by showing off their latest organic purchases on social […]

All About Eyelash Extension and its Benefits

Eyelash extensions are extensions added to your existing lashes. It is a relatively painless procedure where (artificial) lashes are added to your already natural lashes. These false eyelashes are organic and light, making them comfortable to wear and hardly noticeable. This type of therapy improves the appearance of lashes by increasing their length and making […]

Makeup Types: Traditional VS. Airbrush

You are excited about this big event you need to attend. Almost everything is ready for the big day; you bought this fabulous and perfect outfit, and your best friend is coming down to do your hair. The only thing that’s left is to decide how you will do your makeup. You have some foundation, […]

Trendiest Eye Makeup Looks for 2020 And 2021

Think about it. You can lift yourself when you feel a little depressed about anything, with a trendy eye look. A variety of trends have been popping in late 2020, and will look gorgeous on anyone! 1) Pink Mascara It’s time to take a break from your black mascara and experiment with this 2020/2021 makeup […]

Tips for Proper Eyelash Extension

Eyelashes can change your over all look and make you appear more glamorous. The beauty add-ons allow you to add volume and length to your existing lash line using false lashes, typically applied one at a time. If you’ve always wanted glamorous eyelashes but haven’t any interest in wearing eyelash extensions, you will be pleased […]