How to Apply Make-up Like a Pro



Step 1: Prepare your skin

Step 2: Even out your skin tone

Step 3: Apply your eye shadow

Step 4: Apply your mascara

Step 5: Apply make-up to your lips

To achieve a harmonious and natural result, following a few essential steps is necessary. First, you need to even out your complexion, then apply make-up to your eyes to highlight them and finally, apply make-up to your mouth. These gestures may seem complex, but they will become natural with some practice. Here are our step-by-step tips.

1. Prepare your skin

For the health of your skin and a better hold, make-up must be applied on clean and moisturized skin. So, before applying your make-up:

Cleanse your skin with a mild soap, cleansing foam or gel, depending on your skin type.

Moisturize your skin by applying a day cream adapted to your skin type. The day cream is an excellent base before applying foundation.

Remember to exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and smooth skin texture.

2. Even out your skin tone

Unifying your complexion is an essential step for successful natural make-up. You can apply either:

A tinted cream: it combines hydration and a healthy glow. It is the ideal solution for people with little time to devote to their daily make-up and with few imperfections.

A BB cream: a natural care cream adapted even to sensitive skin. It provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and offers a natural effect.

A foundation: in powder, mousse, stick or fluid form, the foundation offers better coverage and helps camouflage minor imperfections.

To enhance cheekbones, you can then apply a little blush.

3. Apply eye shadow


Choose the colour of the eyeshadow

Eye shadows enhance your eyes. The choice of colour is generally made according to the iris. It is, therefore, advisable not to apply make-up to the eyelids with a shadow of the same colour as the iris. Instead, the principle of colour complementarity should be applied. Thus, one will opt for orange, pinkish, copper shades, or grey for blue eyes.

We will choose colours such as pink, mauve and their derivatives (plum, parma, raspberry…) in more or less warm tones for green eyes.

For brown eyes, no restrictions. All colours go well with brown eyes; conversely, brown shadows go well with all eye colours.

Matte or pearly shadows are suitable for natural daytime make-up. Iridescent or metallic shadows are best used for more sophisticated evening make-up.

Be careful: mauve eyeshadow accentuates dark circles.

Choose the texture of the eyeshadow

You can find eyeshadows in compact powder as well as in cream texture.

Cream shadows are easier to apply because they do not require a brush. But they have a less good hold.

Powder shadows are easier to blend and blend and have better staying power.

Apply your eyeshadow

Applying eye shadow may seem out of reach, but with a few simple steps and a little practice, you’ll quickly achieve a beautiful result.

When starting, it is recommended to stick to two colours. It’s best to opt for small palettes with two or three shadows. This way, you can be sure that the colours match.

Using a flat brush, apply the lightest colour in the palette (often white, beige or very pale pink) all over the eyelid and just under the brow.

Apply a darker colour to the eye’s outer corner by resting the brush on the lid. To avoid a droopy look, go no further than the outer lash line.

Gently and gradually blend the darker colour with the brush, stretching the blush inward toward the eye. Avoid going past the middle of the lid.

4. Apply your mascara

Doing your make-up right also involves the essential step of applying mascara. It is applied to the lashes to strengthen or modify their colour. Depending on the mascara’s texture and the brush’s shape, it can lengthen the lashes, curl them, and give them volume… But whatever the type of mascara, for a natural result, there is only one way to apply it:

Place the brush under the lashes at the base, and stretch towards the tip.

Repeat the movement so that all the lashes are covered with mascara.

To separate the lashes and avoid clumping, you can make a zigzag movement from the base of the lashes to the tip.

To enlarge the look, you can apply mascara in the same way on the bottom lashes.

5. Make up your lips

Start by choosing your lipstick. Then, there are 3 steps to make up your lips:

  • Prepare your lips: as with the rest of the face, the lips must be prepared to receive make-up. For a better hold of the lipstick, applying a layer of lip balm is recommended. Apply it right after your day cream, allowing it to penetrate.
  • Outline your lips: To prevent lipstick from fading during the day, it’s a good idea to outline your lips with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick.
  • Apply the lipstick: for a more precise application and to avoid spilling, it is recommended to use a brush. But even if you’re using the lipstick directly, apply it by starting on the upper lip, from the middle to the outside, and then on the lower lip.

Finally, if DIY make-up is not your thing, you can call a Make-Up Artist.

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