EverythingYou Need To Know About Makeup For Man In 2022


For some years now, society has been pressing for a “real man” to be virile, but in a ridiculously macho virility. The man of 2020 is a man who takes care of himself. He takes care of himself and pays extreme attention to his appearance. So yes, we can talk about “makeup” and “man” in the same article! Fortunately, mentalities are finally evolving on this subject.

1. Who can wear makeup?

Makeup should not be affiliated with gender or sex; skin is skin. Using makeup is not feminine; it’s a way to take care of your face and make it more beautiful. Whether it is artistic or aesthetic, men and women can find pleasure in it. The makeup will be used to sublimate your face, embellish it, perfect it, or even correct it.

A man putting on makeup should not be directly affiliated with a drag queen, in fact, drag queens use makeup for the stage, so it is in the context of a show in a particular setting. Goodbye stereotypes, hello the makeup kit because beauty is for everyone! Male beauty should not be a debate. Each person should be able to make their own choices freely without being judged.

2. The history of makeup


Makeup for men is not new; it is even something done and standardized for a long time. During the reign of Louis XIV, both men and women were required to wear makeup; they were supposed to powder their faces to have smooth skin and a pale white complexion reminiscent of purity.

Make-up was not the only beauty accessory used; there were also wigs and flies to make themselves more attractive. Some people like in Africa and the world had habits to use makeup without ever that it poses a problem, without ever questioning the Men’s masculinity. So why has this become a problem in recent years?

3. How to explain this evolution of mentality?


Social networks are a big part of this open-mindedness for all the new generations. The Beauty Boys are bloggers, YouTubers, and beauty influencers who perfectly master the different makeup techniques. They have been democratizing male makeup for several years on our social networks.

The world of fashion also helps this evolution of mentality. The models are always very made up during shooting. During fashion shows that they are Men as Women, the makeup well, on the contrary, will complete the look and the style imposed by stylists.

Men will wear makeup to blur or mask fatigue, feel confident, reassure, and seduce viewers in the media, fashion, or politics. The most famous actors and singers also wear a lot of makeup, which helps a lot to the acceptance of makeup in men.

More and more celebrities show the normality of having beautiful nails, a lovely bright or matte complexion (depending on the type of skin), and discreet raspberry lips to sublimate the photos during their appearances.

Men can use beauty treatments for their faces and body to keep them healthy. Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, or The Cure are extremely famous artists who have used makeup to create mythical looks. The appearance is significant, so why not correct some (eyebrows, lips, complexion, red on the cheeks).

The makeup was used artistically with a work of creativity by bringing out their personality and their universe. The artists will create a character of the scene to mark the spirits with a well-determined specificity. The makeup is a matter of taste and not that of gender, sex, or sexual orientation. Women, as well as men, have equal sensitivity to the art of makeup.

4. Makeup is for Everyone


The bomb is dropped. “Makeup” and “man” in the same sentence stings the eyes in some, yet it exists, and it is more democratized. Men are starting to wear makeup again. Start again? Well yes! Know gentlemen that the makeup was never only reserved to the women, the men also use it and this since centuries.

You will have understood that man has always worn makeup. Men’s makeup shocks like deodorant or aftershave cream are used to shock people. For a long time abandoned, today, the makeup in the man makes its great return. The man changes, he evolves, he modernizes. In short, the man is now an assumed metrosexual (no, it is neither a new sexual practice) understand that he takes care of him.

Makeup for men is not as important as for women; men use it mainly to look better and/or to hide one or two imperfections slightly. Beyond the prejudices, makeup is not reserved for a category of men described as marginal. For the needs of a photoshoot, a TV show, or even the movies, models, actors, animators, and even politicians use makeup.

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