Sustainable Beauty 101- What exactly is Green Beauty?

If you are a skincare junkie, you may have noticed the recent change in the cosmetic and skincare panorama. Beauty companies are now adopting a more sustainable approach and are trying to sell the ultimate ‘green beauty routine’. Celebrity A-listers are also embarking on this trend by showing off their latest organic purchases on social media. At the same time, their followers are also religiously making the switch to cleaner and greener alternatives.

That being said, skincare lovers are generally becoming savvier. No longer impressed with low prices, charismatic labels or bright and colorful packaging, customers are now prioritizing quality over quantity and jumping on the green beauty bandwagon. From make-up to skincare, it is no secret that the demand for natural and organic products is on the rise, but what exactly is green beauty, and why is it important?

Clean Beauty vs Green Beauty

Clean, green, organic, natural… you’ve probably come across those buzzwords used interchangeably by customers, brands and beauty gurus on the internet. If these still do not ring a bell, do not worry; we’ve got you covered! First of all, it is essential to distinguish and understand the difference between clean beauty and green beauty.

Clean beauty strives to ensure that a product is safe to use and does not, in any case, put the health of customers at risk. With its safe and non-toxic formulas, clean beauty advocates for transparency, honesty, and, most importantly, the use of ethically sourced ingredients. However, these ingredients are not necessarily extracted from natural resources, while on the other hand, the main requirement of a Green Beauty product is the natural or green component.

Now, let’s move on to the Green Beauty Revolution. What are its benefits?

Better for the Individual

Just like organic food, organic beauty products have the same standards. Using solely natural elements, green beauty and skincare products do not contain chemicals, parabens or harmful toxins present in conventional cosmetics and skincare. These chemicals or preservatives may show visible short-term benefits, but can have long term negative impacts, such as skin irritation, increased sensitivity or, in the most extreme cases, lead to chronic or incurable diseases. Made with mineral and natural ingredients like antioxidants or flavonoids, organic beauty products will help your skin absorb and get all the essential nutritional benefits from the ingredients. By adding the ‘green’ aspect to your beauty routine, your skin will be naturally hydrated, protected, and nourished.

Respect for the Environment

In the age of industrial production, the manufacturing process and packaging of conventional cosmetics and skincare products cause a lot of damage to the environment. For example, petroleum-based ingredients require extensive mining, which is very hazardous to wildlife habitats. Meanwhile, plastics and other materials from the packaging often end up in oceans, therefore further damaging aquatic life. An important value of green beauty is being in harmony with nature and respecting the environment. A green beauty brand adopts a more environmental-friendly and sustainable approach and ensures that its business practices are socially responsible. By focusing on sourcing its ingredients, organic products are naturally grown without toxic fertilizers or pesticides, therefore not releasing any carbon footprint in the soil, water, or air. Natural and organic products are also cruelty-free. By consuming green beauty products, you are also showing your support against animal testing.

The rise in the demand for organic and natural products is changing the game of the beauty and skincare industry. By going green, you are not only choosing a healthier option for your skin and overall well-being, but you are also minimizing your environmental impact.

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