Makeup Types: Traditional VS. Airbrush

You are excited about this big event you need to attend. Almost everything is ready for the big day; you bought this fabulous and perfect outfit, and your best friend is coming down to do your hair. The only thing that’s left is to decide how you will do your makeup. You have some foundation, eye-shadows, and lipsticks, but your makeup bag is not as well-equipped as a pro’s kit.

You finally decided that it is ideal to hire a makeup artist to get a flawless look. You were looking at trendy makeup styles before approaching experts and came across the term “airbrush”. Since you’re new to the world of makeup, you have no idea what “airbrush” means and perhaps even thought it was the Photoshop tool. But no, it is a makeup type! In this article, we will guide you through the concept and the differences between traditional and airbrush makeup and their respective pros and cons.


Main Differences Between Traditional and Airbrush Makeup

Traditional makeup is a base, including foundation cream, powder, blush, or bronzer applied manually on the face with brushes, sponges, or even fingertips. There is a wide array of pigments available, and traditional makeup comes with several levels of coverage.

On the other hand, airbrush makeup, also called “spray makeup”, is applied from an air compressor or airbrush gun. The liquid is sprayed in a fine mist onto your skin and looks natural since your face is not entirely covered. Water, silicone, and alcohol are the three main base types for airbrush makeup.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Makeup

Pro 1. Versatile

Traditional makeup has been around for decades, hence there are extensive options available. Foundations, bronzers, and blushes in traditional makeup exist in limitless shades to fit each skin tone. They can be used in various ways and are extremely easy to apply, making traditional makeup a top-notch in terms of versatility.

Pro 2. Full Coverage

Regular makeup is ideal for those looking for full coverage. Since this makeup type sits on your face and can be layered, it will completely mask imperfections, including pores, blemishes, and wrinkles.

Pro 3. More Economical

If you are on a budget, the standard makeup will be a more suitable choice. Traditional makeup tools are less expensive than air compressors or airbrush guns, and therefore this allows the makeup artist to charge less.

Con 1. Not Waterproof

One of the main drawbacks of traditional makeup is that it is not waterproof. As it can be easily rubbed off, it does not last long and may require several touch-ups.

Con 2. Can Be Cakey

If experts do not do it, traditional makeup can be applied excessively and look heavier and more cakey. However, this can be avoided if the layers are properly put on.

Pros and Cons of Airbrush Makeup

Pro 1. Smooth Finish

People usually prefer airbrush makeup because of its flawless finish. Since the foundation is sprayed with an airgun, it will not leave you with a cake-like appearance compared to traditional makeup.

Pro 2. Waterproof

Airbrush makeup is usually more water-resistant than regular makeup. This will be appropriate for events that tend to be emotional like weddings, and the makeup will less likely be worn off because of tears, sweat, and hugs. 

Pro 3. Bacteria Free

It is considered as the cleanest way to apply makeup. Airbrushing is indeed very hygienic since neither brushes nor fingers, which are both usually covered with bacteria, are used to apply the base.

Con 1. Expensive

Since airbrush makeup requires pricey specific tools, it is often known as a luxury offer that comes with a higher price tag compared to traditional makeup. Some makeup artists provide both services, and you can ask for the price difference before opting for the makeup type.

Con 2. Inappropriate for Dry Skin

While airbrush makeup looks flawless on hydrated skin, it might not have the same results on dry skin. On the opposite, the makeup will not be absorbed by the skin, leaving it flaky. If you have dry skin and are going for airbrush makeup, we recommend that you moisturize your face beforehand.

You now possess all the necessary information to pick the ideal makeup type, and if you are still having doubts, you can always pop by a salon where experts will give you more information. Have you recently try the airbrush makeup? Let us know your experience with this makeup type in the comments below.

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