15 Health Benefits of Eating Papaya

Throughout the world, the cultivation of papaya is quite common. In addition to being tasty, it is rich in several essential nutrients for our food. In this article, we list 15 health benefits of eating papaya regularly. Nutritional Properties of Papaya Papaya is a highly nutritious fruit: it has more than 80% water in its […]

Rules of Makeup That Turned Out to Be Myths

Honestly, let’s face it: nearly all of us love makeup. But, even though we enjoy its benefit in improving our physical appearance and inner confidence, there are some misconceptions that have been influencing us. So, let’s clear the air about some common makeup myths. #1. Makeup Doesn’t Expire Umm…They do actually! Expiration dates are not […]

Kefir: Your Powerful Health Shield

Kefir can be defined as a group of microorganisms that will produce a probiotic liquid from the fermentation of some sugar (such as brown sugar). This liquid is wonderful for our health, so consuming the drink will impact the health of the body in many ways.  Do you know the benefits of kefir and how […]

Kimchi: A Korean Treasure for Your Health

Kimchi is a spicy fermented plant-based food that is served with almost all traditional foods in South Korea. This country has a very varied and delectable cuisine.  As we know it today, South Korean cuisine has evolved through the centuries, along with changes in the country. In fact, its diversity and the high presence of […]

Things You Should Know Before Microblading Your Eyebrows

If you’re fed up of investing in makeup and constant visits to the salon to ensure your eyebrows are always on fleek, it might be time to consider microblading. Here’s a few things to consider before taking the plunge: #1. Find the Right Salon Indeed, this can be trickier than it sounds as the regulations […]

Let’s Talk About Moringa and Its Powerful Health Benefits

Known as Moringa, horseradish tree, drumstick tree, or ben oil tree, it is a tree native to India, but is today also cultivated in Asia, Africa, America, and even in Europe. It is widely used in food and beauty products thanks to its numerous therapeutic properties and its high antioxidant power. It also highlights the […]

Game-Changing Homemade Exfoliating Masks

Exfoliation is a beauty habit that is essential in any skincare routine. Through it, we facilitate the elimination of dead skin cells and other impurities that can affect beauty. However, it is a procedure that must be performed from time to time and not daily.  There are many types of exfoliating masks on the market that […]

Rice Water: A Powerful Secret to Good Health

Perhaps you have often heard about the benefits of rice water for beauty, like for cleansing the face and hair. But did you know that rice water can also be drink instantly to bring health benefits to your body? In fact, rice is a versatile food rich in nutrients. White, red or brown rice water […]

Beetroot: A Great Ally for Your Health, Skin, and Hair

We often insist on spending a fortune on expensive beauty treatments for our skin and hair when we have natural ingredients that offer us great results, like beetroot, for example. Although it is not one of the most famous vegetables, little by little, it is becoming more popular in salads and juices. Its taste is […]

What Are the Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women? (Part 2)

We are not only mesmerized by the quirky culture and delicious food of Japan, but also by the flawless and ageless skin of Japanese women. We have managed to get our hands on some amazing Japanese beauty secrets, which we would like to share with you. #1. Drink Matcha Tea Just like how coffee and […]