The Guide You Need to Care for Thin Hair

For those of us not born with thick hair, we know that the thin hair so many people envy comes with its cons. While having thin hair means naturally silky texture and shorter drying times, this type of hair looks limp and lifeless most often than not and it is almost impossible to get it to hold a curl. True, lack volume may be a bummer but, if properly handled, thin hair can look very appealing instead of feeling like a curse.

Although it may seem like a challenge, I guarantee you can easily be feminine, trendy and playful! Whether your hair is thicker or thinner in density, the key to helping it look voluminous is by caring for it the right way. Below we’ll share a few must-follow simple tips and tricks to give those lifeless locks a boost and make them look gorgeous. From caring for your hair and making diet and lifestyle changes, the strategies we’ll share with you will make you love your thin hair and make the most of what you’ve got. Follow along for everything you need to know about caring for your thin hair!

1. Know when to wash

Because of the small diameter of individual hairs, the oils secreted by your scalp quickly make their way down the strand, which can cause your hair to appear and feel greasy fast. So, although regular washing helps in removing oil and hair products buildup, you may worry about damage due to over washing. And that is a justifiable fear! According to the co-director of Westrow, washing hair everyday strips it from the natural oils and proteins it needs to remain healthy. But, fine hair always looks best when clean! Try washing your hair every other day to ensure your hair looks crispy fresh, while at the same time not damaging it due to over-washing.

2. The products make all the difference

While your coarser-haired counterparts may only need to suds up once or twice a week, as mentioned in the first point, those with finer hair requires more regular washes. Hence, using the right line up of products is even more important. While you may be tempted to use hydrating shampoos and conditioners to keep your locks healthy, these formulas can easily weigh down your hair and make them look even flatter than they were before your shower. You’d be better off using volumizing products that are lightweight. This will make your hair look lifted at the root.

3. Know when to get a haircut

With fine hair, the longer it grows the higher the chances of it looking flat and thin. This is because it tapers near the ends and makes long hair appear even thinner than it is. Even worse, as fine hair is typically weak it tends to split at the ends. Hence, the first thing to avoid for someone who has fine hair is to grow it too long. And a quick way to add dimension and movement to your hair is to get a trendy bob or lob while trying to keep the hair one-length. Too much layering can cause your ends to appear thin, thus defeating the purpose of a haircut. But keeping the hair at one-length can help make it look more voluminous. For expert opinion and haircut, we’d recommend this hairstylist wholeheartedly!

4. Master the use of masks and conditioners

Despite the bad rap that masks and conditioners get in the people-with-fine-hair circles, they are not necessarily bad. On the contrary, if used wisely, these products can be hugely beneficial to the health of your hair. So how do you go about using them? Simple. When it comes to hair masks, use them before the shampoo so that it allows your hair to get all the nourishment it needs without risking making your hair lanky. Conditioners, on the other hand, should be applied after your shampoo and to the ends only. Applying it to the roots will make your hair oily faster than usual. What’s more, ensure that you rinse out the conditioner thoroughly. Don’t be afraid to use conditioners and masks! Do what it takes to keep your hair healthy.

5. Bring a change to your diet

Let me be clear, diet change doesn’t mean your hair will thicken. It just means that you need to give your hair everything it needs so that it stays healthy. Consider incorporating a lot of dark green leafy veggies as the folates that occur naturally in those foods helps promote growth. Greek yogurt is a must to any diet. It is packed with protein, which is the building blocks of your hair. Another surprising food that can make your hair look lush is cinnamon. Since it helps with circulation it makes it easier for nutrients to travel all the way to your hair follicle. Trust me, your thin hair will thank you big time if you adjust your diet to include the foods mentioned!

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