The Secret Virtues of Onion in The Hair

Interested in taking advantage of the properties of onion to take care of the health of your hair? It is well known that onion can work wonders when it comes to strengthening hair. Not only does it help to invigorate and accelerate its growth, but it also nourishes it, adds shine, eliminates dandruff, and prevents its fall.

Onion is an ingredient that is antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant with vitamin C and B and magnesium, sulfur, calcium, and phosphorus. The use of onion in the hair is not something new and has been used for several years. Let’s check out the benefits of onion on hair, and you will be amazed at how much this ingredient can do to your hair. Even I was shocked to see the results on my own hair!

Food and Supplements

A balanced diet contributes to the health of the mane and its growth. Now, the consumption of onion juice alone is not enough to achieve this goal, nor is it enough to prevent alopecia or prevent hair from becoming brittle and brittle. However, including this juice in moderation could perhaps help to have healthy hair as a supplement to the diet. Of course, it is necessary to maintain other good habits and use the appropriate care products for hair, oily, dry, mixed, wavy, straight, and so on.

Recommendations on onion juice to grow hair

To prepare onion juice for hair growth:

  1. Peel two or three onions and cut them into slices.
  2. Add a little water and process everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  3. Do not add too much water so that there is not too much liquid. Once you have extracted the juice, you should apply it to the scalp using gentle massages, as if it were a rinse or a cream bath.
  4. Let it act for a few minutes (between 3 and 10), and wash your hair with plenty of warm water.

To apply it, you can do it directly by hand or by soaking a cotton ball or gauze and using it to the hair gently. Remember that the smell is quite strong. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply it in the evening, a day that you are not going to leave the house. You don’t need to use onion juice every day to grow your hair, although according to popular wisdom, it’s best to apply it at least once a week.

  • Some choose to add an extra ingredient to their juice, not avoid the strong smell. Some options are oatmeal drink, honey, and avocado. Choose the one you like the most!
  • Never add baking soda, lemon, or vinegar to your homemade hair masks, as these ingredients only dry out and mistreat the hair, as well as the scalp.
  • Another method to extract the juice would be to grate the onion. However, the previous option is the most comfortable.

Keep in mind that onion juice to grow hair by itself will not make you have beautiful hair. Therefore, always have it as a complement to a healthy lifestyle.

Consistency is an essential factor

According to popular wisdom, onion juice for hair growth is a long-acting remedy. Therefore, it would have to be applied regularly, consistently, over a long time to provide its benefits. At this point, keep in mind that, along with its application (or intake), you should always maintain a varied and balanced diet, as well as other good life habits. Remember that if you consume onion juice to grow your hair regularly, you should look for a pleasant recipe to take advantage of its contribution of nutrients since this drink has a peculiar taste and a strong aroma. You can soften the awful smell with some other ingredient, such as honey or oats.

Of course, many products have onion as the main ingredient and combine it with others so that it does not have that smell or color. So, what other alternatives can you use to have those oh-so-lustrous, shiny, long, and healthy hair?

#1. Onion shampoo: prevents the appearance of dandruff, detoxifies it, and gives it shine 

Onion in the hair can help detoxify the scalp, deep cleansing to prevent dandruff and other bacteria’s appearance. Thanks to the sulfur it contains, it prevents inflammation of the scalp and that itchiness that can sometimes appear. Onion shampoo will detox your hair in the shower. Another benefit of onion is that it will add volume and density to the hair. Suitable for all hair types, and onion shampoo without sulfates and parabens. 

#2. Onion oil: helps improve circulation, strengthens follicles, and improves hair growth 

Onion has an ingredient that is quercetin that helps improve circulation so that hair can grow faster and healthier. The benefits of onion for hair is that it gives the hair follicles strength and resistance. This helps reduce hair loss. By improving the hair follicles, you can have more volume and thicker hair. Another way to use onion is in oil. The onion oil will help you have more hydration retention in your hair so that it does not have frizzy, nor is it dry. You can leave it on overnight or for a few hours and then wash. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and I can guarantee the results are AMAZING!

 #3. Onion mask: restores shine, strengthens and prevents hair loss

Without a doubt, the best benefit of onion on hair is that it can prevent hair loss and make hair more resistant. An alternative to using onion in the hair is with a mask that gives strength volume and improves the hair structure – making it shine and soft. This mask is combined with 26 natural oils and is an excellent alternative for dry and slow-growing hair. Apply it in the shower and leave it to act for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Absorb all the nutrients and benefits of the onion for healthier and longer hair. 

Important aspects to consider

If you have sensitive skin or a specific condition, consult your dermatologist before applying onion juice or any other natural remedy to prevent irritation and other discomforts. If you prefer to ingest the juice instead of spreading it on your hair, keep in mind that it will have a strong flavor that can be softened with some other ingredient, such as honey or oats.

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