How to Choose the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape?

Women’s cheerfulness and joy from all over the world: hair! There are so many different and playful haircuts for all occasions: medium cut, long cut, short and very short cut, and, on a larger scale, fringe and tuft. In short, imagination has no limits in terms of hair and beauty. But, there is always a but, yes! In these cases, before choosing a cut and going to the hairdresser, you need to understand which one is the most appropriate. It’s not enough to look at pictures of the cuts we like the most on the Internet and think, “why not try this one or that one.” Well, that’s where you’re wrong!

But how do you know what shape your face is? Don’t worry; below are some amazing tips before heading to the hairdresser and committing a disaster. So, if you intend to cut your hair, whether it is straight, curly, or wavy, first look in the mirror and study the shape of your face. How you do it? Simple, read on.

What’s the Shape of Your Face?

So, how to choose the hair cut based on the shape of the face? To understand your face shape, you need two things: look in the mirror and lipstick. The operation is very simple, and we explain it in short steps that you will have to face too. Only in this way will you finally understand the shape of your face once and for all:

  1. Gather your hair so that your face is well highlighted;
  2. Stand in front of the mirror to observe it carefully;
  3. Trace the contours of the face with lipstick;
  4. Reconnect the shape you see in the mirror to one of the basic forms.

There are also some tricks to keep in mind: if your ears distract you from the correct perception of the face, for example, cover them with your hands and get help from a friend to trace your face’s profile. Also, pay attention to the highlights because your eye’s and complexion’s color are crucial, even for hair color.

#1. Round Faces

If you have a round face, you should know that full cheeks characterize it and devoid of angularity. Therefore, you need to be “framed” by long hair that gives an idea of ​​verticality, even better if worn with the side parting and volumized roots. The only precaution is to choose a styling that does not add movement in the cheekbones area, but that is not too flat either. To rebalance a round face and make it more like the oval shape, you have to think about how to make it appear narrower and longer, perhaps smoothing the round effect of chubby cheeks.

#2. Square Faces

If you have a broad forehead and a strong jaw, your face tends to be square. You will therefore have to find a cut that can soften the whole – creating volume at the roots, visually “lifting” the upper part of the head and removing the contours of the face, returning to the jaw and, in general, producing movement thanks to styling with curly, wavy, scaled or with messy and light tufts. Therefore, go ahead for long (or medium-long) hair to be worn with waves, curls, or even curls without fearing a too “romantic” or childish result. Only a curly or messy look, wisely disheveled, will be able to make the features of a square face less severe and angular.

#3. Oval Faces

An oval-shaped face is kind of a pass for whatever cut you plan to make. If your face has this shape, you are among the lucky ones because practically any cut will look good on you. Long, short, classic, or trendy: it is only up to your taste and your character to choose, since Mother Nature has already made things a little easier for you, giving you genuinely regular and, for this reason, versatile contours.

#4. Triangular or Heart Faces

If you have a triangular (or heart) face, which has features of the lower part that prevail over the upper one and, therefore, have a wide forehead and an elongated and pointed chin, the ideal cuts for you are short and medium, even better if scaled. To “break” the geometry of the face without the risk of emphasizing the lower part. Long hair, however, is not absolutely forbidden: just choose a layered cut, which brings volume in the upper part, while the lengths must be very light. You will need to balance the measurements and compensate for the lower part of the face’s smaller width compared to the upper part.

#5. Elongated or Rectangular Faces

If your face has a rectangular or elongated shape, you have a face characterized by a high forehead and an elongated jaw. It’s best to avoid long hair: excessive lengths, that is, beyond the shoulders, would give further verticality to an already long face is tight. Also, avoid hairstyles that give volume to the roots and styling that is too smooth. Better to focus on short or medium cuts, with scales and waves that bring volume to the height of the cheekbones and a lovely full fringe. 

If your face is thin and elongated, you will have to highlight the features by creating volume on the sides: a bob or a bob will help you in this sense, perhaps accompanied by a wavy or curly movement of the hair, which softens angular features, and the fringe, full and long up to the eyebrows, it will balance the whole of your image, giving the illusion of the oval shape.

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