6 Striking Makeup Trends for 2022

With an eventful year behind us, now is the time to get ready for the makeup trends of 2022. We saw the most diverse makeup trends in 2021: from no makeup makeup looks to the return of blue eyeshadow and an abundance of glitter. After a lengthy lockdown, it’s not surprising that we all felt […]

Beauty Through History

Beauty Through History

If I had to define the beauty culture, I’d say it’s anything that people do to improve their physical appearance. Throughout the centuries, however, the primary concern of beauty cultures has been to improve the appearance of the female face and hair. The thrill of using cosmetics and experimenting with different hairstyles is not new. […]

Making Your Lip Balms at Home, It’s Easy!

Everyone desires soft, plump lips, and one of the greatest things you can offer your lips is the nourishment they require. As the skin on your lips is very sensitive, it is susceptible to your lifestyle, the sun, and harsh weather conditions. If you suffer from dry, peeling, and chapped lips, you should watch out […]