Beach Day Makeup Tips

Makeup and the beach, do they go together? Can’t help but wear makeup even for a beach day? That’s alright because there are many ways to apply makeup for the beach, but of course, you need to be extra cautious so that your makeup doesn’t float away due to the heat and water! The trick […]

Trendiest Eye Makeup Looks for 2020 And 2021

Think about it. You can lift yourself when you feel a little depressed about anything, with a trendy eye look. A variety of trends have been popping in late 2020, and will look gorgeous on anyone! 1) Pink Mascara It’s time to take a break from your black mascara and experiment with this 2020/2021 makeup […]

3 ultimate makeup trends for winter 2019

1. The ‘’No-Makeup’’ makeup look Minimalism is everywhere in the beauty industry this season. The natural makeup look is superseding heavy makeup. Also called the ‘’No-Makeup’’ makeup look, it creates an illusion that you are makeup-free. This type of makeup is intended to enhance a person’s beauty using only a few products, that is, concealer, […]