DIY Face Creams That Won’t Break You Out!

DIY Face Creams That Won’t Break You Out!

Everyone wants to look beautiful.  Society might be the creator of the notion of looking attractive and desirable enough to catch a man, but there’s nothing wrong in wanting silky and smooth skin on your face. The key is often choosing the right face cream. However, instead of wasting your money on unnecessary chemical products, […]

Essential Oil – Juniper Berry

I love essential oils, and even more, than me, my sister loves them. Essential oils are oils to be tried with or without a carrier oil. It has its uses in aromatherapy and massages. They are mostly used by beauticians and massage therapists and are the best oils for smelling good. Today we will talk […]

Five Important Health Benefits of Using Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Aromatherapy is considered an excellent healer for various diseases. It has been applied since time immemorial. It is widely used for curing various diseases. In this therapy, the pleasant smell of the oils is used to counteract the bad effects of various diseases. The philosophy behind this healing method is that the pleasant smell has […]