The 2022 Guide To Man’s Makeup

Makeup should not be associated with gender or sex; skin is skin. There is nothing feminine about putting on makeup; it is a way to take care of your face and make it more beautiful. Whether artistic or aesthetic, men, women and everyone in between can enjoy it. Makeup is used to accentuate your face, beautify it, perfect it or correct it.

Why Is Vitamin C Essential for the Skin?

The importance of vitamin C in the diet is not surprising. This is why in the past, sailors who did not eat fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time developed scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency. But it is also a factor that can win over cosmetics. Vitamin C is actually one of the […]

Beauty Through History

10 Natural Face-mask Recipes For You

The costs of facemasks surprisingly range from very low to very high nowadays. You are undoubtedly aware of the various brands and flavors of beauty masks out there on the market. but have you ever wondered whether they actually have the intended effect on your face’s skin? If so, then I have the answers to […]

8 Tips To Strengthen Thin Hair

HELP!!! My hair is getting thin. What can I do to strengthen it? Why Does The Hair Get Thin? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have thick hair. Some people are born with thin hair, while others have thinner and more brittle hair as the years go by. Therefore, several factors contribute to the condition […]

How to Apply Makeup Safely Around Your Eyes

Inappropriate methods of applying products to the face, especially in the periocular area, have consequences for visual health. To prevent this, put into practice the recommendations that ensure safe makeup around the eyes. Some modern touches that enhance the eyes are based on phosphorescent shadows, adhesive crystals, masks and lash extensions. Likewise, there are cosmetics […]

Does Coffee Affect Fertility?

Reports have circulated about alleged evidence that caffeine affects fertility. It is said to reduce the chances of conceiving a child and is also associated with an increase in miscarriages. What is true in this case? Let’s start by saying that there is research that states that caffeine consumption affects fertility. However, there are also […]

How To Choose The Right Eyelash Serum?

Beautiful, long, healthy eyelashes? Who wouldn’t wish for that? With eyelash serums, beautiful, lush, long lashes are within reach. But what should you consider when choosing an eyelash serum? We provide information on eyelash serums and how to choose the right one! Before we talk about long, lush eyelashes, let’s discuss the specific mechanics of […]