Let’s Fight Depression and Anxiety with Food

With the pandemic outburst and everything happening around the world, people are feeling more anxious and depressed. Many therefore turn to medication. But, taking medicines to relieve the symptoms of stress or anxiety is not the only option. Certain foods rich in tryptophan, vitamin B, complex carbohydrates, omega 3 and protein can be good natural allies to balance mood, relax muscles and reduce emotional hunger caused by anxiety.

Which ones? You might ask. Well if you want to know more, keep reading as that’s exactly what we are going to uncover in today’s blog.


Thanks to the vitamin C contained in this fruit, cortisol is reduced in the body, as well as blood pressure, so negative responses to stress are reduced. Thanks to its natural sugar, it calms the desire to consume sweets in other presentations and increases the defenses of our immune system.


It helps to calm the urge to eat due to anxiety, because it fills the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety. In addition, it maintains a good level of hydration.


Provides potassium and tryptophan. This fruit contains 2.6 grams of fiber, which helps our intestinal transit, often deregulated by anxiety, but also, if they are unripe, they have a prebiotic starch that It feeds the bacteria that regenerate the intestinal flora, in which 90% of the serotonin produced by our body is manufactured. It also contains 38 milligrams of magnesium, an element that helps us relax our muscles.

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are linked to a lower risk of developing disorders such as anxiety in the long run. It is therefore essential that they are the basis of our diet. Don’t cut back on them, quite the opposite.


After every meal, many people feel like they are not full when they were. These legumes can help your body reduce anxiety levels by making you feel full. Being the lightest of this food group, they can be a great option.


Rich in vitamin B, magnesium and fiber, it promotes a healthy nervous system and works as a mild sedative. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce some symptoms of anxiety.


Thanks to its high sugar and cocoa butter content, chocolate increases the presence of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has calming effects on tension and stress. It also has antioxidant, vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful for improving mood and counteracting certain depressive brain disorders. It also contains caffeine, a natural stimulant.


The traditional Thanksgiving dish also contains tryptophan, so in addition to taking advantage of its nutritional intake and rich flavor, you’d be eating a dish that helps you feel less sad.


Carrots are the vegetable that contains the highest amount of beta-carotene, a compound that the body uses to produce vitamin A, thus improving the health of the skin, mucous membranes and eyesight. There is also scientific evidence that links this nutrient to lower levels of depression, and while not suggested as a treatment, adding carrots to your diet could help you feel better.


This powerful herb has a lot to offer. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties that reduce inflammation in our bodies. Less inflammation means our brains can better produce hormones and neurotransmitters that play a role in keeping our minds less prone to anxiety.

Sweet Potatoes

Controlling blood sugar keeps anxiety and stress at bay, and to do that we need to consume adequate amounts of fiber. Sweet potatoes are a complex carbohydrate rich in fiber, making them a great option for calming stress.

Don’t forget

Health authorities report that although people with depression achieve complete remission of the disorder with effective treatment, only one-third seek help from health care professionals. If you feel that frustration or discouragement is persisting and interfering with your life, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

How about you? What you usually do when feeling anxious or depressed? Let us know in the comments below.

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