7 Factors To Consider Before Getting Lip Fillers

Are you thinking of getting lip fillers? Then you should know that good preparation is essential for a pleasant experience. Besides experienced cosmetic surgeons, many incompetent providers just put a syringe in your lips. That’s why we’ve put some tips and factors you should consider before getting lip fillers!

1) Lip Filler Price

The top of the questionnaire for most potential “lip filler” customers is cost. This is not surprising since every website seems to have different prices for “lip filler” treatments. It would be a surprise if a minimal lip filler can be obtained for less than 300 Euros. Therefore, it is wise to check more carefully what materials and services you are buying for lower prices.

2) Good and Bad Clinics

Another thing that you should not compromise on is the quality of the practitioner. A good filler is like paint. It’s not the paint itself that makes the lip; it’s how you paint with it that makes the most.

And while one might assume that surgeons and physicians in hospitals are adequately trained, not all “lip filler” providers are registered aestheticians. Non-specialist doctors, dentists, and aestheticians also perform the procedure. This often results in disappointing results and a high risk of complications.

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3) Quality of Lip Fillers

There are different qualities of fillers. For example, some fillers comply with European safety guidelines, while others are illegally imported from Asia. Of course, the illegal variants are often cheaper, but they also have disadvantages. Poor quality lip fillers are often difficult or impossible to remove if complications arise. There is also the risk that the filler will harden soon after treatment or even years later. Saving money is never a good idea if it increases the risk to your face. Always immerse yourself in a good filler brand and don’t trust any manufacturer or supplier’s sales pitch.

4) The Right Lip Shape

But how do you choose the right lip shape for your face? Proper advice from an expert is essential. Take advice from someone who understands the technicalities and can see the harmony in your face simultaneously.

Don’t take too much inspiration from Instagram. There may be a big difference between the pictures taken and how the lip fillers look in real life. Besides, many often take pictures at a 30-50 cm distance and apply filters.

5) Lip filler Aftercare

It is often assumed that you need to cool your lips and the surrounding area after applying lip fillers, but this only makes sense for the first four or five minutes. What is essential is the position you sleep in. If you sleep on your side for a long time, you may develop lip filler asymmetry. This isn’t easy to correct.

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6) Complications of Lip Fillers

The injectable treatment is a medical procedure and always involves the possibility of complications. Of course, you will have a lower chance of this happening with a professional cosmetic surgeon than with an inexperienced budget provider. In the worst-case scenario, the lip can die. This is most likely to happen if the amount injected into the lips is too much or if the filler blocks the blood vessels. Discoloration of the lips, pimples, and ulcers are the warning signs.

7) Alternatives to Lip Fillers

Are you looking for a natural alternative to lip fillers? Then you should know that makeup can work just as well. Aside from using markers, glosses, and liners to enhance the natural shape of your lips, there are also unique cosmetics that plump them up. These make the blood vessels in your lips open up a bit and swell up a bit. It is a temporary trick, but try it if you are not a fan of needles.

Above all, it is crucial to take your time and choose carefully. Because whether you choose lip fillers or not, any choice is a good one, as long as YOU are comfortable with it!

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