Makeup Trends for the Fall Season

With a new season comes new trends, including makeup. What styles are hot this fall?

In today’s post, we’ve listed eight of the hottest trends for the darker months of the year. So get ready and take note!

Invisible Makeup

Every season we talk about invisible makeup, and now it’s really the way to go. The structure of the skin should be visible and the makeup should be in the background, as Lanvin, Balmain and Stella McCartney have shown in this several showings. The golden rule is to cleanse and moisturize the skin. Use concealer only in areas where it is needed. To ensure it blends well, it is best to apply it with your fingers, as the warmth of the body allows the product to penetrate more easily. Apply a little cream blush to cheeks for a touch of color, dab on a little lip balm and curl lashes. If you haven’t colored your lashes, a brown mascara is best.

Red in Pink Tones

The youngest trend of the season. A blush in a pink shade is the easiest way to bring the skin to life and soften the face. In recent shows, the models looked like they’d been out on a cold day, with a pink tone concentrated on the apple of the cheeks, then graded towards the ears. And, sometimes, a darker shade of pink was used. Take a cue from the inspiration and bring the blush up to the temples and onto the eyelids – another trend that’s hot this fall. This makes for a nice, cohesive look.

Red Matte Lips

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Red lips are, as always, very much on trend. Shades now range from bright red to dark berry tones, and you can freely choose whether you want sharp contours or go for a blurred lip. What they do have in common is that they should be matte, as shown by Versace, Oscar de la Renta and Salvatore Ferragamo, among others. Pair otherwise understated makeup with earthy eyeshadow and bare skin.

Lashes to the Max

In the past, we’ve gone out of our way to separate our lashes to avoid what’s known as spider legs. But today, the tide is turning and clumsy, long, voluminous lashes are anything but undesirable. Be generous with mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Brandon Maxwell shows you the way. Or do like Dior and paint false lashes under your eyes for a Twiggy-inspired makeup look.

Soot Up

Like clockwork, soot is also coming this fall – in browns and grays with touches of black. The soot should have smooth transitions and no sharp edges should be visible. No eyeliner wings in sight, it should only be a thin, narrow line of eyeliner or a line of eyeliner along the upper lash line. Take inspiration from Tom Ford and the Brock collection. If you want to build up your balayage, you need to make it shiny, such as using a sheer lip gloss that you apply over the eyeshadow when you’re done.


Neon and strong colors follow us even in the darkest months. Play with the shape of the eye area to create a unique look for the day. Choose and take down the color you like best. Orange like at Carolina Herrera or maybe green like at Tibi?

Lots of Gold and Glitter

Winter is the time for glitter, but we’re starting to party this fall. Gold glitter dominated both at Halpern, which focused on gold leaves that shine, and at Dries Van Noten, which applied small glitter all over the eye area. Festive in both directions! When it comes to glitter, you can never go wrong, so choose the amount, color and placement that feels most wonderful.

Dots of Color

If you want to be edgy, colored dots on your face are very trendy this fall. They should be abstract and you can play with different textures. Choose for yourself if you want harder outlines, as Collina Strada showed, or soft and watercolor inspired like Eckhaus Latta. Or mix it up! Makeup should be fun and playful.

There you go! With those styles, you can be sure to slay your look every time! Do you have any other makeup style that we’ve missed? Share it in the comments below!

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