How to Make Short Nails Look Gorgeous? (Part 2)

There were behind us the days when only the design of long nails could be considered trendy and nothing else – today, the trend is the manicure of short nails, which, together with long nails, allows you to complete any of the desired images. In the fashion trend season 2019–2021, there will be different types of nails, both long and short nails, that ladies of all ages can afford, which perfectly complements the trendy tandems autumn-winter and spring-summer with a stylish manicure.

If you choose a short manicure, you prefer practicality and convenience, which are important in the modern world with many things to do and lack of time. Trendy short manicure will not only be a straightforward solution as stylish design but also beautiful. And all thanks to the variety of ideas from a mega-bad short manicure from leading nail masters. Bold design for short nails 2019-2020 will be demonstrated for special occasions, which will surprise with its joy. A super lovely manicure in short length can be taken care of for the office, the study and just for every day, which will look very cool.

It is worth noting that a manicure in a short nail length, like all other nail designs, has its own characteristics. Among these, one can distinguish an excellent tandem manicure for short nails with a minimalist style in its design. After all, short marigolds require unique patterns, given the limited space that masters have to work to achieve short nails’ organic and aesthetic design. The minimalism style is only perfect for a short flat length. Rhinestones and crystals on short nails look wonderful; different parts of nail decoration, as well as top nail techniques, can perfectly complement short nails. Drawings help to achieve no less stunning and exciting design of short nails in the most fashionable design. Portraits and silhouettes, flowers and animals, floral ornaments, abstract patterns and ethnic motifs, graphics and minimalism – the ideas for drawings for short nails 2019-2020 are endless.

All this individually or in tandem in the combined manicure option allows you to experiment and create the most exciting short nail patterns. We’ve listed some fantastic nail techniques for short nails to be embodied by the season’s trendy short nail design. Check out the second part of this blog for the top short nail designs!

TOP 5 Manicure Technique for Short Nails

New examples and works that show a short manicure design indicate that specialists use advanced techniques where short nails look excellent. But what are the methods for designing a short manicure? Let’s check them out!

#1. Negative Space Manicure for Short Nails

Trendy short nails look very harmonious with the design “negative space,” allowing you to make a short nail design more stylish and relaxed. Beautiful short nail constructions are shown with geometry, holes in a matt surface and drawings on a transparent coating in a negative space style.

#2. Matte Manicure for Short Nails

Give smartness, mystery and a touch of charm to the fashionable design of short nails under the power of a matte finish, which will be the season trend. Short nails with nail art and pictures, decor and rhinestones will be good in a matte solution, both for parties and in any other way.

#3. Moon Design Short Nails

A short manicure with holes will be in demand more than ever among other fashionable designs of short nails. It is important to remember that to achieve an excellent result in designing short nails with holes, the moon’s size must be small – the longer the nail is, the larger the holes can be drawn and vice versa.

#4. Marble Manicure for Short Nails

A discreet and lovely marble pattern on nails of short length will, as always, be remarkable. Experts recommend that you create separate accent fingers with a marble pattern in a short nail design and complement them with strips of foil and other elements to get an elegant marble manicure for short nails 2019-2020.

#5. Ombre Manicure for Short Nails

An ombre manicure can prove to be perfect for short nails, both in the usual solution with two shades and a linear or modern ombre in the plate area in the form of an “island.” Each gradient method for short nails is original and outstanding in its own way, which will surely appeal to lovers of ombre and short nails.

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