How to Make Short Nails Look Gorgeous? (Part 2)

If you have short nails, you’ve probably noticed that certain polish colours or nail art types weren’t perfect on them (hello chubby little fingers!). But don’t give up hope; all it takes is a few simple tips to adapt your manicures to your nails. Whether you keep your nails short by choice (let’s be honest, it’s more practical and easier to maintain) or not (some of us aren’t lucky enough to have beautiful, strong and shiny nails), here are five nail designs to highlight them. Don’t forget to check out the first part of this article for the top five nail techniques for short nails!

Take Care of Your Short Nails

How to Make Short Nails Look Gorgeous | The Nail Pro

Having short nails doesn’t mean you have to go without a manicure! In addition to their practical and protective functions, the nails also play an aesthetic role. They sublimate your hands. The manicure of a short nail makes it possible to embellish the nails plump, gnawed or invaded by the cuticles. Begin the treatment with a light filling. The idea is to give your nails the shape you want. They can be square, rounded, oval, etc. Continue with a lukewarm bath to soften your cuticles. These are the skins that tend to surround your nails. You can’t tear them off. You have to push them back with a pair of pliers or a stick once you have finished deceiving your hands in lukewarm water. Then apply a gel.

You can change your short nail’s style if yours is no longer suitable for you. The round shape is a classic that works well for short nails. File your nails with the rounded ends. This will prevent cracks and breakage if your nails are fragile. This round shape is more suitable for people with long and thin fingers, while the oval promotes nail regrowth and strengthens them. This is the ideal shape if you have short fingers. You can do your own manicure at home as long as you use the right tools and know-how to apply moisturizers or fortifiers at the correct dose. Otherwise, opt for a regular professional manicure session at the beauty salon.

#1. Faces and Girls in the Design of Short Nails

Given the elegant ideas of short nails with trendy nail art, one can not miss the top designs with girls’ images – portraits and faces, silhouettes and eyes with cilia and bright lips that look so unusual and fabulous on short nails. You can create drawings on short nails on a few fingers or a thumb and paint coating on the rest.

#2. Inscriptions on Short Nails

Cool solutions for short nail design can be found in variations with inscriptions in different styles, which can undoubtedly be attributed to the section of fashionable nail art on short nails. Much in the design of short nails with inscriptions depends on the font and addition of letters and words on the nails – foil, curls and ornament.

#3. Graphics on Short Nails

Trending short geometry manicure will help get elegant manicure ideas for work, pursue a business image, and simple design short nails for every day. And if you add a drop of glitter and sparkle to the geometric design of short nails, you can get an irresistible and concise holiday manicure for short nails.

#4. Flowers on Short Nails

Many modern nail art trends are associated with floral and floral directions to decorate short nails. Florists are applicable in the seasonal design for summer with bright leaves and tropical plants, for autumn and winter with twigs, in spring – with flowers, which are excellent in their variety in each individual design of short nails 2019-2021.

#5. Short Nail Manicure: Animalism

Of particular interest are images of animals on short nails, whose design is so multifaceted. This is a short manicure with funny animals, a romantic design of short nails with animals, and a bright seasonal manicure for short nails for spring-summer or autumn-winter, which shows cute little animals – cats, rabbits, bears, foxes, hedgehogs, etc.

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