Rules of Makeup That Turned Out to Be Myths

Honestly, let’s face it: nearly all of us love makeup. But, even though we enjoy its benefit in improving our physical appearance and inner confidence, there are some misconceptions that have been influencing us. So, let’s clear the air about some common makeup myths.

#1. Makeup Doesn’t Expire

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Umm…They do actually!

Expiration dates are not only limited to food items. A majority of cosmetic products have a shelf life and like grocery items, cosmetic companies list the expiration dates right on the packaging. And as you can guess, the countdown of the shelf life of the product starts as soon as you open the box.

Besides, it can be harmful to use an expired product again and again. For instance, as per Jeanne Vos, a clinical esthetician, “Over time, the ingredients will break down, causing the makeup to change consistency and look different on your skin. Expired makeup will also grow bacteria which can cause breakouts.”

However, there are many cosmetic products without expiration dates and consequently, consumers need to be their own advocates and keep track of their products’ expiration dates by labeling them.

But you can also use the following as guidelines:

  • Face powders and Eyeshadow: 2 years
  • Cream products (blush, bronzer, foundation): 6 months to 1 year
  • Liquids (foundation, concealer): 6 months to 1 year
  • Eyeliner/Mascara: 3-4 months

#2. No Need to Wash Makeup Brushes if Only You Use Them

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This one is actually very funny. I mean, we don’t share our clothes too, but does that mean we should not wash them? That’s very silly!

I can understand that depending on the number of brushes, this task can be time-consuming (especially if like me, you have two jars full of brushes). However, it is still essential to clean these brushes as they have come in contact with many products and the longer you don’t wash these brushes, the larger amount of bacteria accumulates on them. For example, imagine cleaning your face the night before only to put all the bacteria back on your face the next morning. Believe me, this can lead to skin disease and infections. 

Besides, let me give you one tip: instead of purchasing special brush shampoos, you can use a combination of olive oil and dish soap to wash your brushes and then let them air dry.

#3. Makeup Will Make Fine Lines and Wrinkles Disappear

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No, and no again. Makeup is not the solution to all skin problems. Indeed, makeup can diminish the looks of fine lines and wrinkles, but it cannot completely camouflage everything. And one general rule of thumb: makeup can hide color but never texture!

As fine lines and wrinkles are not flat surfaces, makeup cannot fill in the lines without making it look super heavy on the skin. This principle applies to acne as well. Acne is the opposite of fine lines and wrinkles and as it is a raised surface, makeup cannot hide it either.

#4. People With Dry Skin Cannot Use Powder

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No, this makeup myth is not true at all! Instead, people with dry skin should make sure that their skin is fully prepped and moisturized before applying makeup.

#5. Women Over 40 Cannot Do Shimmer

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This is one of the misconceptions that have been around for many years now.

According to Amanda Christan Burran, a New-York based makeup artist and beauty expert claimed that “No matter what age you are, you can wear shimmery eyeshadow. And this trick can help to keep your eye shadow on point: Apply a matte base color, then blend a colored shimmer shadow over it. Focus on the lower part of your eyelid and blend up into the crease of the eye. Then brush a super-light highlight shadow under the brow to bring the whole look together. Voilà!” 

#6. Foundation Is Not Allowed Around the Eyes

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The foundation products of this new generation are mostly alcohol-free and hence do not dry the skin. As a result, you can apply them around your eyes without any fear.

#7. Red Lipstick Is Not for Everyone

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This is more than 100 % false as red lipstick suits everyone. All you need to do is to choose the right red shade.

Once you ditch these bad beauty myths, you will be ready to reach full gorgeous potential. So, will you follow these tips? Please share your comments!

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