4 Tips to Help Store Your Makeup Collection

It is only logical that most of us would want to ensure that our cosmetic products are kept in the best state. For a lasting makeup life and to avoid undesirable skin reactions, it is vital to store beauty products in the right conditions and a hygienic place. Here are some tips to help you better understand how you may keep your collection of products.

1) Check the Expiration Date

Like any other beauty product, makeup also carries an expiry date. Simply look at the open jar symbol to have an idea about how long the product will remain safe to apply after it’s been opened. The expiration date is more important than one might think. The more dated the makeup is, the less effective it is, and the more bacteria it holds. When makeup is past its expiration date, the chemical compounds used in producing the product start to degrade into compounds that may not be beneficial to your skin, particularly for those with sensitive skin. For instance, using an expired eyeliner may lead to eyes irritation such as redness or swelling. Hence, it’s better to get rid of cosmetic products that have reached their expiration date to avoid any issues.

2) Keep Away From Heat and Moisture

The next thing to remember is that makeup is affected by heat and moisture. Storing cosmetics in such areas will only help spread bacteria and cause harmful reactions to the skin when applied. This makes the bathroom the least suitable place to store your beauty products. It is best to keep them away from light, and store in a dry and airy place with a stable temperature.

3) Use Clean Beauty Applicators and Wash Your Hands

Makeup has direct contact with the delicate skin of the face and body. For this reason, it is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria that can trigger allergic skin reactions such as rashes, pimples, acne and other problems. For the most effective use of makeup products and to extend its shelf life as far as possible, follow these simple steps:

  • Wash your beauty blender. Not only does a dirty sponge make your foundation look patchy, but it can also damage the skin through the proliferation of bacteria and moisture. Make sure to allow the beauty blender to dry thoroughly to avoid the formation of moulds.
  • The natural oils found in the palms of our hands contain bacteria that can easily be transferred to products and the face. Hence, it is crucial to wash the hands thoroughly before every application.
  • Do not share your products with others. Using someone else’s brushes or foundation can propagate acne-causing bacteria. In other words, someone else’s oils and acne-causing bacteria can get to your face, and we’re all aware that this can’t be beneficial to the skin. So, do yourself and your skin a big favour and keep the products to yourself!

4) Don’t Forget to Close the Lids of Cosmetic Products

Leaving your foundation open, for instance, will allow the air to enter and damage the product’s composition and proper preservation. Consequently, applying the foundation will become problematic. Consider cleaning the tip of your foundation with a tissue or alcohol to eliminate any deposits and block air penetration. Besides, shaking the bottle before an application will help disperse the pigments within the formula and set the right tone for you. As for your mascara, refrain from moving the brush back and forth from the tube. This will allow air to get it and dry out the product.

What are the other tips you have in mind? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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