Quick Tricks to Correct Makeup Mistakes: What to Do if You’ve Gone Too Far?

It has happened to all of us! You might have gone overboard with the blush, eyeliner, highlighter, or your eye shadow. It’s something that happens more often than you think. But do you know how to correct excess makeup? Excess blush, eyeliner, makeup base, find out how to get away with these tips!

1) Too Much Blush

Ideally, in these cases, the solution is to apply powder on the cheekbones area to reduce excess color and luster. For this, translucent powders with a mattifying effect should be used. These will help reduce the strength of the color. Of course, apply with care and precision so as not to exaggerate!

If you also have excess powder eyeshadow, first spray a bit of thermal or rose water on the skin. Then, with a slightly moistened “skunk ” brush and a little makeup base, soften the blush tone and the eyeshadow’s contours to make them more natural.

2) Excess Makeup Base on Face and Eyebrows

People often abuse makeup base on the face and apply too much product to define the eyebrows. To erase these effects, first spray thermal or rose water on the skin and with a skunk brush soaked in rose water, make circular strokes to lighten the product on the skin. And then, from time to time, clean the brush using tissue and continue the movements until the base looks fresher and lighter. As for the eyebrows, there’s nothing like using a cotton swab to soften the edges because that’s where the excess product is most noticeable.

3) Chunky Lip Liner

Sometimes we use a lip liner that doesn’t last long and has become “coarse.” In this case, it is best to “re-clean” the liner in the areas where it has been moved to the outside using a fine swab soaked in micellar water. Then, re-align and fill slightly inward with a liner before applying lipstick so that there are no sharp lines.

4) Excess Eyeliner

What can you do if you go overboard with eyeliner? Use cotton swabs with a little bit of long-wear makeup remover, and it will be enough to repair the excess and refine the line or remove its length. Soak the cotton swab in makeup remover (biphasic so that it is removed in one go) by dragging all the excess outline lines. Then you pass another smear soaked in micellar water through the same area to remove the oil from the makeup remover. In addition, you can use a little bit of concealer to perfect the finish

5) A Surplus of Eye and Lip Makeup at the Same Time

In the case of heavily made-up eyes and lips, you can lower the intensity of both. If it is for the lips, use a transparent gloss with a vinyl effect (not glitter) to give a moist and natural feeling on the lips.

6) A Foundation Shade That Is Too Dark for Your Skin

If the makeup base is too dark for your skin or you’ve gone too far with sunscreen, now it’s time to give light to the face with an illuminator or an illuminating concealer if you’re looking for a natural finish. Another solution to lower the shade of the foundation if you’ve already applied it to the skin is to add a hint of moisturizing facial cream and integrate it all over the face.

With these few tips you won’t have to panic and can show off your look no matter what! Let us know if these few tips have helped you, and don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments!

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