3 Tips to Make Your Hair Look Good in Picture

Everyone wants to look flawless in their pictures. Some get the help of editing, some require a makeover that will change them totally. There are some people who have a different hairstyle in their pictures. So if you want to have your hair look good in pictures, then here are three tips that are going to level up your hair game.

  • Eliminate flyaway – Ever noticed those small strands of hair that never stay in their place, those are flyaways! They tend to make your picture look bad as your hair look messier than actually, it is. Use a serum to rubbing it between your palms and smoothing it onto the crown of your hair. Even celebs get it!
  • Go easy on the volumizing products – You may encounter locks that are on the skimpy side and you may want to work on them by adding volumizing products. It is wrong as your hair is going to be more skimpy and will look bad. So opt for creating a body with root lifting sprays. This will leave the ends looking flat and give volume to the hair overall. You just need to give it a bit of strategic teasing. When taking the picture, the light will shine through the spaces that teasing creates and actually make hair look thinner.
  • Go a little messy – Opt for a messy look as it will look like a natural movement. Messy hair accentuates the look by showing off the coif in its natural way. It is a style that very much done by most celebs.

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