Unlock 4 tricks of your aftershave balm!

You know how refreshing and soothing your after shave balm is after a fresh shave. But did you know how versatile this men’s skin product can be? For sure, the main purpose of your balm is to cool inflammation, moisturize your skin to calm razor burn, and prevent in-grown hairs. Your balm can do the trick for you in a number of uses, making it the no.1 item in the gentleman’s grooming kit. How? Read below and remember to add your comments if you want to point out some more uses which I may not have covered below.

As an everyday lotion
Your aftershave balm has the formula to soothe your skin, purify your tone and of course, that wonderful scent, which mixes with your bodily smell to make people in your surrounding always remember you as a person associated with that fragrance. No wonder why you still remember the odor of your grandpa sitting in his rocking chair. What you should realize is that it does not just have to do with your face. You can use it on your elbows, feet, hands or anywhere else your skin needs that little extra moisture. The aftershave balm is lighter than most moisturizing cream and won’t leave you with greasy skin. And, of course, you will smell good. Hence, no need for expensive perfumes.

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To treat minor sunburns
Both sunburn and razor burn are red and painful. The formula that works perfectly on razor burn can do the trick for sunburn as well! Sunburn lotion and aftershave balm are both made from skin-soothing ingredients. Yeah, you can use your balm to keep your skin soft and redness-free.

After getting a tattoo
There is no need to buy expensive lotions or pomades that your tattooer would wish to sell to you. The aftershave balm does the trick very well – it heals the irritation, hydrates the skin and closes the pores. The balm also tamps down on the itching, peeling and burning area.

For shaving sensitive areas
When you apply shaving cream on your face, it allows the blade to glide easily on the large areas. But, for the contours, you will agree that it is a different case. You might need more visibility to shave a specific area like the contours of your nose or lower ears. You can thus apply your balm instead of shaving cream over such areas, and glide your razor with much better precision as you will be able to see clearly your skin.

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