Home Remedies to Get Rid of White Hair

Hair greying is as common as a cough or cold. Nowadays we come across people who have white hair in their early twenties. Trust me, your ancestors are not the only reason behind alarming greying of hair. You cannot blame your genes for it. It is better to take a look at your lifestyle. There are a lot of factors which contribute to premature white hair. One of the most common reason would be an unbalanced diet. If a person’s diet consists of only fast food and fizzy drinks, he/she cannot expect to have healthy hair or skin. Learn how to gradually include B12, iron and omega 3 for the sake of your hair and skin. Stress is also a big contributor to white hair. You might want to find some ways to relax and rejuvenate your mind. Listening to soothing music, meditating, practicing yoga will help to take off some stress and pain off your head.

How to prevent white hair

If you do not have a proper hair care program, you might want to adopt one right away. It is always a great time to take care of your beauty rather than doing it on special occasions. You will notice your flawless results only if you take proper care of your hair and skin. Below are some tested recipes to bring back some life you to your grey hair :

  1. Indian gooseberry powder (Amla powder)

Roast 1 cup on gooseberry powder in a vessel until it turns into ashes. Then, gradually add 500ml of coconut oil and let it simmer on a slow flame for 20 minutes. Let for cooling and standing for 24 hours. On the next day, pour the liquid in an airtight bottle and use it twice a week as hair oil massage.

2.Curry leaves

Grab a bunch of curry leaves and grind them with 2 tablespoons of gooseberry powder (amla) and 2 tablespoons of Brahmi powder ( Indian Ayurvedic herb). You have to use this paste as a hair mask, making sure that you cover the roots properly. Leave in on you for 1 hour and then rinse with a mild herbal shampoo.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil mixed with a drop of lemon juice can help to make your hair darker. The combination of these two ingredients creates a chemical reaction which darkens the hair naturally over a period of time. Make the most of it.

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