Five Beauty Tools That Every Beginner Needs

If you’re a beginner and trying to figure out the right beauty tool to use, then this blog is for you! These seven beauty tools will help you in your daily routine and more will come eventually.

Aim to master the basic techniques and neutral looks, you’ll be soon a makeup pro! The essentials beauty tools you need are:

1. Tweezers

Eyebrows make a huge difference to your look, that’s why tweezers are essential. Tweezers are great for plucking hairs and applying lashes and removing splinters.

2. Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers can be time-consuming especially in the morning, but the result is worth the time spent!

3. Brow Brush

Having a well-trimmed and well-shaped eyebrow is as important as having a perfect set of teeth! Every beginner should own a brow brush, so as to define the arches and fill in your brows if there’s less hair.

4. Beauty Sponge

This tool revolutionized the way women apply their foundation, concealer, and creamy contours. The egg-shaped pink iconic sponge is now available everywhere, and it easily fits the contours of your face. The pointy end works really well around the eyes and on blemishes.

5. Wet Brush

The ultimate hair-saving tool that every makeup beginner should own! This brush is designed to effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair without putting too much pressure or breaking the hair.

So which you own?

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