Are Bearded Men More Good Looking?

When did beards start becoming a trend? Well, according to history, in the Mesopotamian era and ancient Egypt, men used to keep beards and care for it by oiling and using curling irons to give it a shape. In ancient India, beards used to be a symbol of dignity and wisdom. It was often the ‘sadhus’(saints) who sported beards while the kings and other men used to have a mustache. In China, Confucius prohibited body modifications that’s why beards were encouraged. However, depending on their professions, men could either grow or trim their beard. Beards have now become a trend among men and are now one of the most important factors for good-looking men.










That’s it with the history session, back to the present, there are many cultures that accept and deny the beard trend. For many young men, it is difficult to navigate through society without a negative message. There have been a lot of debates around men sporting a beard look or not. As per a reviewed study, heterosexual women and gay men preferred men with beards rather than men without. Although there are many people who find beards disgusting or disorderly, there are still people who love it!

Moreover, there is an equation that emerges between beard and masculinity: the more facial hair the more macho you are. It’s a surprise that most companies, associations and public institutions do not permit men to don a well-trimmed beard or a goatee. According to a study at the University of New South Wales in Australia, most women find men with a beard more attractive and more suitable for fatherhood and protection. (Wow, that’s awesome!)

If you’re still unconvinced, then here are some points about why a bearded man is better:

Men and women find men with beards more masculine!
• Beard gives you a strange power that will improve your life.
• You always look like your thoughts are deeper and more developed.
• It makes you appear more creative.
• You look more mature and charismatic.
• You get compliments on your beard. Remember this one on bad days.
• If you find yourself dull or gross, grow a beard it will look so much better!
• If you have acne problems, then beard is your savior!
• It gives you more options at fancy dress parties.
• If matched with a perfect haircut and amazing dressing sense, then it’s a damn irresistible combination!
• Beards keep you wrinkle-free!



Do you need more or you’re convinced?

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