Choosing The Right Concealer!

Concealer is mostly used for hiding flaws like dark circles or concealing scars, pimples. But, how to choose a concealer that matches our skin type and color. The younger you are the less you need to use make up.


These points might help you while choosing your concealer:

  • Go for a shade lighter than what you use for foundation.
  • If you have blue or purple regions under your eyes, then go for a pink, orange or peach toned concealer.
  • Pick up a yellow concealer if you have red blemishes.
  • Is your skin tone darker? Then an orange tint is your best bet!
  • The green concealer should be used first over a pimple, followed by the yellow skin tone.
  • Always blend the concealer instead of rubbing it.
  • Use eye creams for touch ups so that you are not applying too much of concealer.
  • Purple base are used for sallow skins, brightening it up and acting more like a highlighter than a concealer there.

A concealer concerns different skin for different colors and textures. To match your skin tone, choose a concealer shade that is half a shade lighter than your foundation shade. Remember well before making any purchase!

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