Men’s Wigs: Price and Aesthetics

More and more men are starting to wear wigs. This can be for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes. You must choose the model that best meets your expectations in both cases. Don’t forget to consider your budget. By following this article, discover the prices of wigs for men and the different models available on the market.

The different cuts of men’s wigs

Men’s wigs are available in several cuts, depending on the shape of the face. For men with a square or rectangular face, choose short wigs with a little volume on the sides and top. To break up the hardness of your features, it is advisable to choose a wig with a natural look.

Opt for wigs with asymmetrical cuts if you have a round or oval face. Don’t hesitate to adopt a tousled look to bring more charm. On the other hand, if you have a triangle face, the best is to choose a layered hairpiece. This gives volume on the sides and above the head.

In the case of an inverted triangle face, opt for wigs that add volume only on the head. A beard is also recommended to make the bottom of the face more voluminous.

If you are a man with a diamond or hexagonal face, choose a hair piece with a tousled cut. The goal is to add volume on top and to adopt a layered cut on the sides.

Varieties of men’s wig shades

Men’s wigs are available in many colors. Opt for models with highlights or with highlights to give a natural effect to your hairpiece. Men’s hair pieces are available in brown, gray, chestnut, and white.

The price of a wig for men

The price of a man’s wig varies depending on the type of hair. If it is a synthetic hairpiece, count around 125 € for an entry-level wig. If you prefer to wear a more comfortable wig, expect to pay an average of 550 €.

In the case of a natural wig for men, it can cost 900 € for a classic model. If you prefer a custom-made hairpiece, it can reach €1,500 and more.

If you wear wigs for therapeutic purposes, reimbursement by Social Security is possible. Ask your health insurance company to find out more. In short, many factors influence the price of a man’s wig. The best thing to do is to ask the specialists directly for a quote.

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