Rock Crystal: Properties, Benefits, and Uses in Crystal Therapy

Rock crystal, also called hyaline quartz, is a stone that has long been thought of as solidified water, or ice, with strong benefits for the whole body. If you like crystal therapy, please read on.

Rock Crystal: What Is It?

Rock crystal is closely related to the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, the overhead life force and energy point that controls the nervous system and brain. The name comes from the Greek word Krustallos, meaning ice, but its other name, hyaline quartz (from the Greek Hyalos ), is also a translation, corresponding to glass.

The rock crystal, known as the queen of stones, has the remarkable effect of lowering the body temperature by simply placing two stones on the soles of the feet. In this sense, it has been used to reduce fever or combat summer fatigue since ancient times.

With its icy clarity, rock crystal is associated with ice cubes for precisely this reason. It is a lava rock, specifically a colorless oxide, and one of earth’s most popular and widespread minerals. However, it is most abundant in deposits in Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Uruguay, Germany, and India.

Effects on the Body

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, rock crystal is effective in bringing down fevers when they tend to rise, but not only that, hyaline quartz also seems to act on the level of the circulatory system, restoring the balance that is sometimes lacking.

Rock crystal elixirs can be made at home. In short, it is a decoction of water that can stimulate the body’s major glands, relieve headaches, and relieve toothaches. It can also be combined with a cleansing diet to eliminate toxins.

Benefits for the Mind

Rock crystal is known for its remarkable efficacy in restoring balance and is therefore highly valued on a psychic level. The constant wearing of hyaline quartz jewelry stimulates positive thinking, affirms our most hidden nature, and encourages curiosity to search for a better self. In it, are the yin and yang energies that create harmony.

Effects on the Psyche

Rock crystal, with its transparent and pure “color,” is closely related to the chakras of the subtlest energies and is considered the mineral that best helps us to investigate on a spiritual level. It conducts energy perfectly and is often nicknamed “scalpel” in crystal therapy because of its pointed shape.

Rock crystal points are considered “energy scalpels” for working with great precision on the human aura. These are rather delicate operations that an experienced crystal therapist should only perform.

Hyaline quartz is also widely used in meditation to amplify experiences by bringing a person to a higher stage of consciousness. When used in combination with hematite, it provides good grounding and increases emotional clarity. Meditation with clear quartz is especially effective when used with a mantra or prayer.

4 Ways You May Use Rock Crystal

To Restore Energy Balance

Holding a rock crystal in one hand and a citrine (characterized by its yellow color) in the other can help balance feminine and masculine energies, often known as yin and yang.

For Pain Relief

For physical benefits, the rock crystal should be kept in contact with painful areas of the body. For example, it would be ideal to place the stones on the temples for headaches and relax for a few minutes.

To Enhance the Effects of Meditation

Rock crystals are more effective when used while meditating. Simply hold it in your hand during your practice, and you will immediately get its benefits.

To Balance the 7th Chakra

For spiritual and psychological results, the rock crystal should be placed on the seventh chakra. According to crystallography, it is also possible to wear a gemstone made of the stone around the neck.

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