3 Simple & Elegant Nail Art Ideas For Summer

Nail art, like everything else, follows fashion and trends, but there are always timeless ways to show off a simple, elegant, sophisticated, and versatile manicure. Depending on your taste and needs, these can be gel, permanent, or semi-permanent nails. Stop envying the hands of models in your Instagram posts and set your own trends!

Long or short, this article is a great place to start for nails, and not just for summer. Whether you need restructuring or prefer short nails, we’ll show you how to choose the right trend. Decoration, design, glitter, simply pink or completely color, you can have as much fun as you want in every way. The secret? Balance and harmonious proportions.

How to Create Simple and Elegant Nail Art?

A well-applied manicure is genuinely an art. It is a medium that can inspire you to express your feelings and personality in the right way. To create a simple, elegant one for any occasion, you need a set of shapes, colors, finishes, and designs to express your care and style.

The possibilities are endless, each complementing your natural shape differently. Elegance is often thought of as length, but this is not always the case.

Below we present a few winning ideas to have the right look for every occasion:

1) French Nails

Choosing the right nail art for you can be difficult. However, the desire to create something simple and elegant is undoubtedly in your mind. Besides, how many Instagram posts and photos of models’ hands have you seen and wanted to copy? Here is a simple and practical example: French nails. This nail art type is ideal for those who like manicured and decorated nails but don’t want to over-decorate.

The French manicure is a nail decoration technique that originated in the United States. To do this, you need to apply white polish along the free edge of the nail that “sticks out” from the fingertip and trace a kind of bezel, also called a “smile”. Then a clear or translucent topcoat covering them completes the style.

The excellence in this case, of course, is having long nails. If that is impossible, but you think the style looks best on you, you can reconstruct it using gel nails or semi-permanent nail polish. In this case, if you are not a fan of the most classic nude shade, fear not; you can indulge as you see fit in colors that make you feel good.

Here are some tips for French nails:

  • First, prep your nails with a coat of clear nail polish to make them last longer (and keep your nails healthy)
  • Apply white polish (preferably chalk white) to the nail space away from the fingertips. This will create the bezel we used to call a “smile”.
  • Application is more complicated than it looks, so it is best to use a fine-tipped brush.
  • Apply milky pink polish to make the fingertip nail area stand out.
  • Finally, apply a clear top coat to improve the hold and increase the overall shine.

2) Nude Nails: More Than Just Pink

The second idea is a look that never goes out of style. Nude nails are less elaborate than other styles, which are suitable for any nail art. They are truly perfect for any occasion and any body type. If you consider applying them to filed square or almond-shaped nails, you won’t be disappointed. Its shades are endless and suit any complexion. Find the perfect one for you with the advice of an expert.

3) Mismatch: Nails That Always Look Good

Here’s an alternative for women who like to be bold. If you’re tired of trying the simplicity and elegance of nude shades, mismatch may be for you. If you’re worried that the color will detract from the elegance, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can achieve great results by working with shades. In particular, we recommend using pastels and subtle colors. This way, the undesirable “harlequin” effect is eliminated, and each finger can blend into its color.

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