Easy Homemade Masks for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Every girl on earth wants to have shiny, strong, smooth and healthy hair. However, the key doesn’t lie in using the right brand or the most expensive shampoo; the secret is sitting in your kitchen.

Banana and Yoghurt Hair Mask

What You’ll need for this hair mask:

  • One ripe banana
  • One tablespoon of yogurt
  • Three teaspoons of honey
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice

Instructions to make this hair mask:

Step 1: You start by taking a bowl and mashing the banana in it. Remember to mash until there are no lumps at all.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to combine all the ingredients and mix properly until you end up with a smooth paste.

Step 3: You can now apply this mixture to your hair, starting from the roots to the tips.

Step 4: After leaving the paste for around 20-30 minutes, wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

Additional Note: This mask can be used up to two or three times a week.


“I can vouch for this hair mask. Your hair is going to smell but trust me, this mask is really great. The secret is sticking to a specific routine. If your diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels are in order, you can take up a hair care regimen that you stay CONSISTENT with. And, don’t just apply it one day; go for 2-3 days per week. And, I don’t put anything else on my hair besides shampoo and conditioner. That’s all. An occasional spa only because I like someone massaging my head while I lay there with my eyes closed. But not for any additional benefits.” –From Ruma

“Over the past 25+ years I’ve certainly put a ton of different things in my hair but the mixture of yogurt, banana and honey is the best. I always encourage everyone to do whatever they think will work for their hair. Therefore if you want to apply yogurt or honey to your hair, separately or mixed together, why not try it and see how your hair reacts. Neither ingredient will damage your hair in any way. Honey can be hard to remove from hair, but it does add a softening element. Every person should explore their hair in whatever way works for them.” –From Karen

Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask

What You’ll need for this hair mask:

  • 1-2 whole eggs (it depends on how long your hair is)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (again, it depends on how long your hair is)

Instructions to make this hair mask:

Step 1: You start by taking a small bowl and combining the eggs with the tablespoons of olive oil together until you obtain a smooth paste.

Step 2: Now, you can start applying the mixture to you hair, distributing it evenly and starting from the roots to the tips.

Step 3: Once the mixture has been applied, leave it for around 20-30 minutes.

Step 4: Once the time is over, wash your hair with cool water and regular shampoo. You are also allowed to use a hair conditioner.


“Yes this hair mask actually does work, but you just have to be consistent. i have been natural for over 3 years and egg yolk and olive oil hair mask have reduced hair breakage, added moisture and shine and improved hair strength.” –From K

“This maks does wonders for me . Two things needs to be take care . Don’t apply it more than 30 minutes on Hair . Too much boost of Protein makes Hair Brittle. And, secondly, don’t wash with hot water as eggs will get cooked up on your hair and difficult to remove.” – From Ritika

“Yess this mask works! Egg yolk is the ultimate source of proteins, and vitamins. It moisturizes and heals scalp. While olive oil nourishes and makes your hair grow thick and long.” From Vaishali

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