How to Get Fuller Lips Without Using Lip Fillers?

Lips are one of the most sensual parts of a woman, which is why we are always relentlessly putting the spotlight on them. In particular, plump lips, a symbol of femininity for decades, are one of the forbidden dreams of women all over the world. But you don’t have to resort to cosmetic surgery. You can plump up and volumize your lips naturally with DIY procedures that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Read on to know more!

Lips are the most sensual yet most delicate part of a woman’s body. That’s why they always tend to be given the most importance in makeup and skin care. Of course, each era has its ideal image of hair, and lips come in various makeup, colors, and shapes.

Today, the aesthetic ideal is concentrated on plump lips, a symbol of sensuality and great femininity. For this reason, cosmetic surgery, which has never monopolized the physical features of men and women as it has in this era, is widely used. Cosmetic surgery is performed not only to achieve a particular aesthetic ideal, but also to delay (or even reverse) the signs of aging.

One of the most frequently performed surgical techniques is certainly lip fillers, now in fashion, to give that full and satisfying shape. But before the most irreversible surgery, there are also more natural, DIY lip-plumping methods and products that can be used in everyday life at home. In addition to these measures, however, lips require proper and adequate skin care due to the area’s delicate skin and mucous membranes.

How to Do DIY Fillers at Home and Products

Fillers are all the rage these days, so there is a possibility to do DIY fillers at home without going to surgery. If you want to inject fillers with a needle, home kits with hyaluronic acid are available in pharmacies throughout Italy. They are trendy because they are much cheaper than having the procedure done in a clinic and only take about 30 minutes.

But beware: of course, it is always a matter of handling the needle to be inserted under the skin; you must be careful and in as sterile an environment as possible and, in all likelihood, company! The needles are not only a problem for the aesthetician, they are also a problem for the cosmetologist.

It should also be said that cosmetic professionals are against this practice as they consider it dangerous. First, the filler to be injected must be of excellent quality, and second, not everyone is really good with needles.

On the other hand, if you are really uncomfortable with injections that use needles, some fillers can make your lips fuller on their own without using needles! First, a gel or cream solution is specially made to achieve the same “filler effect” that makes your lips fuller and fuller. Its ingredients are the same as those of the filler being injected, consisting of collagen, hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, and various vitamins. When applied to the affected area, including the lips, in a massaging manner, one can immediately notice a stretching and volumizing effect.

In addition to creams, there are also so-called lip plumpers, which are popular in corrective makeup. These lip glosses contain hyaluronic acid that naturally plumps and moisturizes the lips. They are perfect if you want a non-permanent effect and easy application anywhere, without the mess of different samples, creams, and needles. Lip plumpers have the advantage of being small and inexpensive.

But What Are These Substances?

Collagen is a protein that forms the basis of the body’s connective tissue. It protects the skin’s elasticity, but as we age, we produce less of it so that it can be supplemented with fillers.
Hyaluronic acid is also a component of connective tissue and plays a role in maintaining the firmness and hardness of the skin. This, too, fades with age.
Vitamins and fatty acids contribute to elastin production and fight free radicals, the leading cause of skin aging.

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