8 Easy Steps to a Perfect Eyeshadow Makeup

Knowing how to apply makeup is essential for any woman, and eye makeup is very important. It gives a clean and sophisticated touch to the face. That’s why, in today’s article, we teach you how to apply eye shadow to look radiant and get the look you’re going for. Read on to learn more!

A Step by Step Makeup

The eyes are a fundamental part if you want your makeup to be finished and intense. In order for you to achieve the perfect look, you need to follow our step-by-step makeup to make it look professional.

Step 1: Choose the Eye Makeup Style

The first thing you need to figure out how to apply your eyeshadow is the style you want. First think about the eyeshadow palettes you have and the eyeshadow colors you need. Also pay attention to your eye color, because there are makeup for brown eyes, makeup for green eyes and therefore some are more favorable than others to your features.

On the other hand, keep in mind the event for which you are applying makeup. Evening makeup is not the same as simple daytime makeup. Also consider whether you will be applying false lashes or glitter, as this influences how you apply eyeshadow.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin

Before applying any makeup it is important to condition the skin, the eyes are one of the most delicate areas and require a lot of care. Before you start applying eye makeup, wash your skin with soap and water, or micellar water.

Then apply a moisturizer to your face and in this case around the eyes and finally apply a primer to the mobile eyelid. This will allow for a professional and more durable makeup.

Step 3: Choose Shades

Once you have selected your eye makeup look and prepared your skin, choose three eyeshadow colors that are in a similar range and work well together. Choose a light color for the base, a dark color for depth, and a slightly lighter transition color. An illuminating eyeshadow can also be helpful.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

When you have prepared the eyelid, the first eyeshadow color you should apply is the lighter one or your base, beige tones are a very successful color. From the inside to the outside, on the entire mobile eyelid, blending well with medium makeup brushes. This is the tone that will define the final effect of the look so take your time.

Step 5: Apply the Darkest Shade

Once you’ve applied the base, it’s time to apply the darkest shade of your chosen shadow to add depth to your look. Take a medium brush from your makeup bag and apply the shadow between the mobile and fixed eyelids, all around the outer corner of the eye, inward and upward.

Step 6: Apply the Intermediate Shade

Take the intermediate shade you’ve chosen from your eyeshadow palette and apply it from the center of the eyelid outward. Blend it with the darker shade to create a layered effect. For this color, you can choose a slightly shimmery eyeshadow and apply it with a medium brush.

Step 7: The Brightener

Once all the eyeshadow colors have been applied, apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the brow, just a few small dabs, and to the inner corner of the brow to further define the arch.

Step 8: Final Details

Depending on the eye makeup you choose, you may need a gel eyeliner or with an eye pencil, you can better define the contours and give your makeup a more sophisticated touch.

The last phase of makeup that you can’t miss is the mascara, to give your eyes more intensity and volume to your lashes. Remember that you should apply it from the inside to the outside, removing the excess beforehand. Another accessory you can use is false eyelashes to make your look more interesting.

So what’s your favorite eyeshadow makeup style? Let us know in the comments below.

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