Belgian Beauty Brands You Should Know About

Belgian Beauty Brands You Should Know About

Some brands in the skincare industry are there solely to make money; they don’t care about improving your skin. However, there are some players in the industry who know how important skincare is to you. For example, in Belgium, there are many skincare companies that are eager to help people improve their looks. So, here are some of the best Belgian beauty brands.


Not many products out there are truly gentle enough to be used on the skin. During the last years, many people stopped using Cetephil, for example, because the face wash was bad for eczema patients and for sensitive skin in general. There are many other examples of misleading labels and skincare products with misleading ingredient lists. Did you know that a higher concentration of NIacinimide, for example, didn’t mean that it would do any good on your skin? The higher it is, the more it could irritate the skin and cause skin breakouts. However, Likami is different from these artificial skincare products.

When it comes to skincare, the basic rule is minimalism; no one wants to overload their skin with ingredient-heavy products. And, Likami is a new generation botanical skincare brand that stands for minimalism. This cosmetic brand is based on natural technology –this means that all of its skincare products are produced using organic, plant-based ingredients and natural oils and these products are very rich in vitamins and minerals –nutrients that are essential for the hydration and reparation of your skin.

Gentle but lush, simple yet effective, this tried and tested range of skincare products is what you need for your skin. If you are tired of using conventional toners, serums and moisturizers, why don’t you try this all-natural, premium beauty experience?

More Information About Likami Products:

  • None of the skincare products was animal tested.
  • All beauty products are free of silicone, lauryl sulphate, parabens, glycols, artificial colorings and fragrances, petrochemicals, TEA & DEA.
  • Likami products are created using organic ingredients.
  • According to cosmetic chemists, Likami’s beauty products are suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • From facial care to hair care, Likami consists of a wide range of beauty products.

Likami Beauty Products Recommended by Experts:

  • Facial Lifting Roller: A set facial essential serum with stone roller 15 ml (49 euro)
  • Hand & Body Wash: Highly moisturizing chamomile and lavender hand & body wash 200 mg (29 euro)
  • Body Oil: Nourishing organic sesame and avocado body oil 100 ml (39 euro)
  • Bath & Body Lotion Kit: A hydration due (59 euro)
  • Exfoliant Mask: A purifying apricot seed, polylactic acid, green tea exfoliant cream 150 mg (39 euro)
  • Cleansing Milk: A hydrating yarrow, burdock, St.John’s wort, sage and Quadri gold complex cleansing milk 200 mil (45 euro)
  • Healing Balm: A healing yarrow, burdock, St.John’s wort, sage and Quadri gold complex balm 50 mg (45 euro)
Customer Reviews:

“My skincare routine is a very minimalistic one and so I’ve always skipped the toner, but when I tried Likami’s facial toner, it was really soothing and since then, it forms part of my usual beauty routine.” –From Linda

“Some time ago, I was that acne-riddled teenager. Acne has decreased my confidence and self-image to the point that I didn’t want to leave my dorm room. I sought out a reputable dermatologist who recommended me to Likami products. I was very unwilling at first but I’m glad I ended up using them. I now have amazing skin on a daily basis.” – From Paula

“For several years I’ve been looking for good scincare products that don’t give me pimples and that still feel soft. I found one for the first time! I also immediately received great compliments that my skin looked radiant and that after just a few days.” – From Anonymous

“I tried Likami’s products for the first time with this set and am completely won over. My skin feels soft, is less irritated and the products feel and smell wonderful.” – From Anonymous

“My friends have been using Likami’s products for a while and they loved it but I find them too costly and not that effective.” – From Anonymous

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