Everything You Should Know About Intimate Feminine Hygiene

Although not usually discussed in public – and often not in private either – feminine hygiene should be part of every woman’s daily care. Cleaning the intimate area should be an extra step, just like washing your face, teeth, hands or feet.

Sometimes, as this is still a taboo subject, we don’t know how to perform a correct hygiene or what consequences not doing it in the right way can have on our health. But in today’s article, we will uncover more about it and about its importance. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Is It Important to Have a Good Intimate Hygiene?

Incorrect or poor intimate hygiene can lead to the following problems:

Bad Odor

The most obvious problem or consequence of a lack of cleanliness is the bad smell that can appear. The genital area has a certain natural odor, but when there is no proper hygiene, the smell is much more intense and unpleasant.

Vaginal Irritation

When you do not have proper intimate hygiene, the accumulation of sweat, secretions and other irritating substances can cause discomfort, itching and irritation. The use of inappropriate cosmetics or intimate hygiene products can also cause irritation.

Vaginal Infections

Bacterial vaginosis, one of the most common vaginal infections, can be caused by insufficient or improper intimate hygiene.

The use of cosmetic products with an inappropriate pH can also cause changes in the pH of the genital area, which eventually leads to the growth of bacteria that cause vaginosis or other infections.

Urinary Tract Infection

Cystitis is produced, in most cases, by the colonization of the urinary bladder by bacteria such as E. Coli from the large intestine. And these bacteria can reach the urethra because of an incorrect cleaning procedure, such as not taking the precaution of always doing it from front to back.

What Should Be Considered When Cleaning the Intimate Area?

When cleaning the intimate area, there are certain precautions you should take:

– ALWAYS clean the intimate area from the front to the back. Also, when you clean yourself in the bathroom after urinating. This will prevent or hinder germs from the anal area from coming into contact with the urethra or vagina.

– It is best to use your hand to wash the vaginal area. Sponges, in addition to accumulating microorganisms very easily, can cause rubbing or irritation that will be much more difficult to produce with the hand. Of course, the hand must be clean beforehand.

– Forget about douching. There are still women who think that they are necessary for good intimate hygiene, but, on the contrary, douching can be counterproductive and cause the appearance of vaginal infections. The internal vaginal area cleans itself naturally, it does not need a specific washing.

– Do not use intimate deodorants or other cosmetics that can cause irritation, discomfort and changes in local pH.

How to Choose the Best Feminine Gel?

Choose intimate hygiene products that are specifically formulated to meet the particular cleansing needs of the female intimate area, respecting its characteristics both in terms of maintaining an appropriate pH and respecting the particular microbiota of the vagina.

Some daily intimate gels ensure extra-gentle and effective hygiene, eliminating sweat, secretions and irritants without altering the physiology of the area, and are very easy to rinse off (thus avoiding any type of discomfort even with their use in daily hygiene).

Some pediatric intimate gel, for instance, also ensures an effective hygiene based on soft active principles and respectful of the specific characteristics of the intimate zone of the child. Protects and stimulates the growth of the normal bacterial flora. Moisturizes, soothes and relieves itching and, thanks to its anti-enzymatic action, protects against irritation.

So is part of your feminine hygiene routine? Do you have any other proven tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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