Mesotherapy: A Revolutionary Treatment for Your Sagging Skin

Mesotherapy is a technique belonging to aesthetic medicine that consists of the application of micro-injections with different compounds, including conventional drugs, vitamins, amino acids or minerals. It was invented by the French doctor Michel Pisotr in 1951, at the time, the purpose was to treat chronic pain. Then its use emerged in the field of aesthetic medicine, where it is these days very popular among men and women for body and face treatments.

What Does Mesotherapy Consist of?

Mesotherapu applied to aesthetics consists of the application of micro-injections in the superficial middle layer of the skin, allowing it to act on the fat cells, stimulating the release of their fatty content. This technique is therefore ideal for treating cellulite or localized fat, applying mesotherapy to the legs and buttocks. Among the substances that can be applied are vitamins, zinc, selenium, iron, organic silicon, glycerine, etc.

When we talk about mesotherapy applied to the legs and buttocks, we encounter the common problem of cellulite and it is necessary to highlight that mesotherapy is one of the most effective treatments against it, The use of organic silicon protects the cell membranes and helps in the synthesis of collagen and skin hydration, which acts on fat cells and also allows the regeneration of skin fibers in the application area.

Differences between Facial and Body Mesotherapy

There are differences between facial mesotherapy and body mesotherapy, especially with regards to the components used.

In body mesotherapy, diuretic and lipolytic cocktails are used to reduce volume and improve the appearance of the skin.

However, it is important to know that there is no standard or formula for the components used, as it all depends on the specialist and especially on the area to be treated and the effects to be achieved. The substances needed for facial mesotherapy are not the same as those used in body mesotherapy treatments for the legs and buttocks.

Treatment Duration

Mesotherapy sessions last about 15 minutes while the number of sessions should be agreed upon with the specialist in charge of your treatment. Normally, the number of sessions varies from 4 to 10, performed once a week, in order to see the desired effects.

Benefits of Aesthetic Mesotherapy

When you begin a treatment of mesotherapy, the benefits usually exceed your initial expectations.

Mesotherapy dramatically improves the feel of the skin, making it smoother and firmer rejuvenated. Unlike liposuction, which can leave fat cores in the skin, mesotherapy does not, as they disappear only with the treatment.

The comfort and speed of the treatment are also extremely important and are clearly an advantage.

In addition, it is not necessary to use anesthesia or other drugs, since it is a painless treatment. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the process is painless as long as it is performed correctly, it is important that the patient is informed and seeks an accredited specialist, who has a safe space and adapts to his needs.

The results of mesotherapy are visible from the first session, which makes it totally advantageous compared to other treatments. But it is important to be disciplined with the necessary sessions proposed by the specialist doctor you visit.

In addition to combating the aforementioned cellulite, mesotherapy treatment is useful for reducing hair loss, fighting skin laxity and reducing the presence of stretch marks.

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