Hair Prosthesis: Foolproof Solution to Hair Loss

The number one problem for 9 out of 10 men is baldness. Some people opt for treatments such as minoxidil but find no results. Therefore, the use of hair prosthesis is necessary. This little-known technique proves itself and is of interest to more and more men in a precarious situations.

What Is It?

Even though it is often called a hairpiece, the hairpiece is different from the classic wig. This hair prosthesis is more suitable for people losing their hair or who suffer from baldness. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who simply want to treat themselves by changing their look. The latter can try a new haircut or new hair colors with a classic wig.

The invisible medical wig is specially designed for those who suffer from significant hair loss following radiation and chemotherapy treatments. The superior quality of the wig allows the scalp to breathe and promotes hair growth.

Made with human hair with your natural color, the hair prosthesis is fixed with hair glue or adhesive.

Why Use a Hair Prosthesis?

The hair prosthesis is a great success with men because of its immediate and natural look. Undetectable, the replacement hair allows you to achieve all the haircuts. Requiring little maintenance, it gives you the freedom to do all the daily physical activities like sports, swimming, etc.

In addition, there is no risk of your replacement hair falling out or coming off your head. So, you don’t need to take any special precautions when you wear your motorcycle helmet or headgear. In short, you will completely forget that you are wearing a hair prosthesis in your daily life.

A hair prosthesis is also trendy because it gives a natural effect. It does not cause any inconvenience to your hair: no itching or breakage. Water-resistant, this hairpiece does not give in to sweat and gives all the charm you wish to have when swimming. However, a monthly visit to a hair institute is necessary to ensure it stays in place. The hair specialist removes, cleans the scalp and the hair prosthese, and then puts it back on during this maintenance. These four small steps are completed in half an hour.

What Is the Best Hair Prosthesis?

You can choose between two types of hair prosthesis. The first type is made of synthetic fiber, the synthetic prosthesis. The second type is the natural prosthesis made from human hair. To choose the one that suits you, the recommendation of a specialist is highly sought after. He is the only one who can perform a hair assessment.

You can choose between polyurethane bases, lace bases, and mixed bases. Polyurethane bases provide a solid, pleasant, and complete hold. The vast majority of hair salons recommend it because it facilitates the injection of hair.

As for the lace base, it comes from the old generation but remains a good choice of base. It is discreetly placed on the front of the head. If the user wants to put the hair backward or have it up in the air, the lace base is an excellent choice.

The mixed base is of interest to one-third of hair complement enthusiasts. You can choose a U-shaped contour in polyurethane and the rest in lace. It is also possible to opt for the D model: the front edge is made of lace, and the rest of the hair is made of polyurethane. It is even possible to select a polyurethane O-rim and a lace top.

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