Easy Fix to Your Yellow Highlights

Yellowing highlights is something that bothers many, and if you have blonde hair, you’ve certainly experienced it or know someone who has, right? Dealing with this yellowing is a challenge for all blonds, especially those with lighter base strands.

This problem is caused by oxidation of the hair fiber by exposure to heat or products containing pigments. Some of the most common causes include constant use of a hair dryer, and flat iron as well as exposure to the sun.

However, if this happens to you, rest assured, this phenomenon is very common and easy to treat.

And to help you out, we’ve brought you some tips to answer the question of how to get rid of yellow hair in a super simple and practical way, with steps you can do at home – in addition to fixing them, you can even prevent it from happening. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

Step by Step to Eliminate Yellow Hair

Alternate the Days You Wash Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, you have to start with the basics, after all, simple daily attitudes can make all the difference in the wires. To justify the yellowish pigmentation of blonde hair, we can start with the number of times we wash our hair per week.

Knowing that the more we wash blonde hair, the more it fades, we know that the more bleached hair is, the more likely it is to turn yellow. That’s why it’s very important to alternate washing days, so that you don’t lose your blonde locks in less time, and don’t even make them yellow. How about starting with “every other day” washes?

Always Moisturize

It seems very obvious to say, but the hydration of the ends is extremely important. We can clearly perceive when a hair needs hydration, and blondes are even more apparent, precisely because of the chemicals that tend to dry the ends.

Hydration is essential for hair of any color, but for blonde hair it is even more so, since it loses water as it fades and tends to change color.

In other words, moisturized hair is less likely to change color and turn yellow!

Protect Hair from the Heat of Straighteners and Dryers

We know that blow dryers and straightening irons don’t work very well with wires if they’re not protected first, right? For this, there are thermal protectors, which reduce the damage that the heat of these appliances can cause to the threads.

For blondes, the use of these protectors is very important, to ensure that the high temperatures of the hair dryer or straightening iron will not discolor the wires, and make them yellow.

If you like to change your look every time you go to a special occasion, with brushes, curls, or even leaving your hair straight, and you don’t give up on these devices that shape your hair, don’t forget to use protectors!

Use Purple Shampoo in Your Hair Care Routine

Remember how we talked about washing every other day? Then, when washing, it is very important that you use purple shampoo, which is one of the main care products for those who have blonde hair.

The function of this type of shampoo is essential: to keep the color of the strands neutral and avoid yellowing. Just by knowing this, you can already see that they are super important, right?

But be careful with the amount of product applied to the hair, and also with its excess. Limiting the use to only once a week is ideal to maintain the color of the blonde and avoid yellowing!

Use a Toner at Home

If you have blonde hair, you probably know that you’ve used toner on your highlights before. This type of product is responsible for ensuring the blonde color and avoiding yellowish spots on the strands.

In case the strands are already yellowed, the toner will correct the tone of your hair, and reverse the situation. This is a procedure that does not require a professional hairdresser to perform. You can simply ask your hairdresser to tell you which toner to buy and use at home. This way, you can neutralize the yellowish color by using a toner with purple and gray highlights, and without having to go to the beauty salon!

If you apply these tips daily, your hair will definitely never see yellow pigment again! Did we miss any other tips? Share them in the comments below.

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