Tips To Make Your Manicure & Pedicure Last Longer

To make your manicure last longer and look better on you, you need to apply some tricks. It may take a little longer to paint, but in the end, it will save you frustration and time in the long run.

 File Your Nails

Cutting nails with nail clippers increases the likelihood of damaging or breaking them. If you have fragile nails that can tear easily, it’s better to avoid clippers. Nails that are already damaged are also more likely to chip by using nail clippers. Filing your nails can be a better idea if you do it correctly.

The coarser the file, the greater the risk of damage. The finest file of them all is the glass file. If it’s taking you too much time to use only a glass file, you should use a cardboard file at first and then eventually use a glass file. This file will smooth the nail’s surface and is less likely to cause damage that will ruin the nail polish in the long run. It is also good to “file one side at a time” instead of “back and forth”.

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Coating Base

A good base coat is necessary for a long-lasting, chip-free manicure. In addition to preventing the coloring pigments in the polish from penetrating the nail bed and discoloring the nail, a good base coat will ensure that the polish adheres to the nail. For instance, a reinforced base will give you stronger, tougher nails.

The thicker the nail polish, the longer it takes to dry, and the thicker the coat, the more likely it is to chip. Therefore, it is best to apply two or three thin coats. It may take a little longer, but in the end, it will save you time and effort.

Allow Each Layer To Dry Thoroughly

Each layer of nail polish must be well dry before the next layer is applied. When the varnish is dry and smooth, not sticky, the next layer is ready. Some polishes take hours to dry. Never apply nail polish when you are in a hurry; feel free to put on a Netflix series and brush on a moment of relaxation.

Allow about two hours for the nail polish to dry completely. That’s why it’s a no-no to apply nail polish right before bedtime! We’ve all done it and woke up the following day to find folds of bedding stuck in our nails. Argh! For example, if you go to bed around 10:30 to 11:00 p.m., you paint your nails at 8:00 p.m. So there are about 2.5 to 3 hours in between. Let’s be sure to be on the safe side.

Use a Top Coat

A good topcoat is just as important as a good base coat for a beautiful, long-lasting manicure. There are many top coats available, but which is the best? Try to find a topcoat that dries quickly but take your time. Don’t dent or damage the last layer of nail polish, the topcoat, or you’ll have to start all over again.

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Be Careful With Water

Water makes nails soft and mushy, so wear gloves whenever possible when working with water. It takes some getting used to, but it will make your manicure last longer. Tight latex gloves fit like a second skin when worn while washing dishes or cleaning and you can quickly get used to it. Wearing gloves when showering may not seem like a good idea, but just try to take short, not very hot showers (it’s better for the environment and your skin). Moisture softens the nails, so it is not a good idea to paint right after a shower or bath. Start painting after they have hardened.

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