Kiss Your Dry Lips Goodbye

Since the pandemic outburst, many of us have been asking ourselves the same question: Is it worth spending time on our lips now that we always go out with a mask? The truth is, even though very few people today see our entire face, we should never neglect this very important area of our face.

Above all, because your skin is particularly sensitive and dehydrates at the slightest opportunity. The result? Dry, cracked lips with little skin, which cause itching and discomfort when speaking, making the face look dull and sad. In fact, such a small detail can even affect your mood as soon as you see yourself in the mirror in the morning.

When faced with such lips, and as with any problem that plagues your skin, the key is to look for the causes to find effective solutions. And today, we did just that and wrote about it. Take a look, and if you feel identified, we’ve got several tips for fixing your dry lips below! Do you want them to have a perfect tone too? In this post, we haven’t forgotten about face makeup either. Enjoy the reading!

Why Are Your Lips So Dry and Chapped?

– The weather is a big culprit: Lips are extremely sensitive to the cold and wind of winter, as well as the typical heat of the summer months. Not to mention sudden temperature changes! Just like in spring or fall, we go crazy deciding what to wear (should I wear a coat today or a thinner jacket? What if it’s hot later? What if I get cold in the middle of the afternoon?), the same goes for our lips.

– Lack of hydration: With telecommuting, we’ve been forced to work in the living room or home office, which are generally dry spaces. And lips suffer the same way as the skin on your face.

– You don’t drink enough water: By not running and moving from place to place (or, at least, not like you used to), the thirst or need to drink water doesn’t become as acute. You need to hydrate your body even if it doesn’t tell you to!

– Bad habits like smoking, and drinking coffee: In addition to damaging the enamel of your teeth and deducting points from your smile, they increase the risk of having dry lips.

– Wet your lips with saliva: The myth of myths – why do we recommend applying moisturizer after showering? Well, because water, when it comes in contact with the skin, produces dryness. And saliva, after all, is still water. Constantly wetting your lips can also cause an inflammation of the lips called cheilitis.

Kiss Goodbye to Dry Lips with These Steps

Step 1: Moisturize Your Lips

Imagine using lipstick and when you go out to eat at a restaurant or in the middle of a video call at work, the color you’ve applied starts to crack and peel off along with your skin. Wrong! Long before you think about the tone or finish of your lips, you need to focus on their health.

– Use a lip scrub twice a week. What exactly does it do? It exfoliates the lips with very fine sugar crystals. The application is very simple: just spread it with circular movements for 1 minute, giving yourself small massages along the lip area, and it will be ready to be removed.

– To completely combat dry lips, we recommend using a balm. Use it twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed at night.

Step 2: Add Color to the Lips, without Compromising Their Hydration

– You can for example try to use a lip liner. It will act as a makeup base so you can apply it before lipstick to get a fuller feel, while keeping the lipstick color in place for days on end. This, will also nourish your dry lips, repairing them and even protecting them from the signs of aging.

Step 3: Remove Your Makeup Thoroughly

As you can see, there’s no shortage of solutions for dry lips. Here’s our final tip: never forget to remove your makeup before bed. Remember not to do it quickly or in a rush. You need to give it the same precision that you give to, say, brushing your teeth at night. This is key to getting a smile of ten in the short and long term!

There you are. If you follow those tips religiously, you should be able to avoid having dry lips. What are the steps you take to get rid of dry skin? Share your recommendations with us in the comments below.

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