Aging Gracefully: 7 Essential Tips

While plastic surgery can be a drastic measure, the results are not always elegant. It is a fact that in the long run, everyone’s skin will sag, and wrinkles will increase. Fortunately, there are many ways to age well without resorting to needles and expensive bills.

1) Limit Your Skin Care Regimen

Applying 10 different serums and creams every morning and night is of little use. You only need three skincare items: SPF, retinol, and moisturizer. Those who start using them at age 20 look much younger than those who don’t use them at all. SPF prevents wrinkles, while moisturizer keeps skin plump and soft. Retinol is essential because it contains vitamin A, which keeps the skin looking firm. It stimulates collagen production in the skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

2) Don’t Cover It up With Makeup

If you have wrinkles, pigmentation, or bags under your eyes, you may be tempted to cover them up with makeup. For instance, a thick layer of foundation and powder is enough to hide them. That’s a mistake! Certainly, makeup cannot completely hide aging and more is not always better. Instead of applying a thick layer, apply a thin layer first to see how much you need. First, conceal skin imperfections with a primer, then apply a thin layer of liquid foundation and finish with a brush of transparent powder on the T-zone. Use a cream blush to ensure a youthful, healthy glow.

3) Confidence

Women who age gracefully have one thing in common: confidence. Research found that people who don’t worry about aging live an average of 7.5 years longer than those who are forced to pretend to be young. So, don’t do a lot of things to look younger. Most of the time, it doesn’t work with the way you choose your clothes or your beauty regimen. The goal is just to look your best.

7 Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin | Everyday Health

4) Follow the Trends

That doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to fashion and follow every trend. Nor does getting older mean acting “old”. For example, you can always combine a pair of classic jeans with trendy shoes and unique accessories in striking colors. Doing so will boost both your outfit and your confidence.

5) Take Care of Your Hands

You may already be familiar with using creams with SPF on your face, but have you ever thought about your hands? The face and hands are the parts of the body most exposed to the sun’s rays. Hands can quickly betray their age in the form of blemishes and wrinkles. The same products you use on your face should also be used on your hands. So, if you apply retinol before bed, spread the rest on your hands and do the same with SPF in the morning.

6) Get Enough Sleep

Studies have shown that lack of sleep makes your face look bad and halves your attractiveness. Furthermore, women who sleep around 7 to 9 hours are more resistant to UV rays than those who sleep less than 5 hours. Therefore, adequate sleep prevents skin aging. No wonder it’s called Beauty Sleep!

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7) Don’t Be Afraid Of Gray Hairs

Gray hair is very elegant, but it will soon look shabby if you don’t have a sophisticated haircut. For example, choose a long bob or a pixie cut if you can afford it. Wash hair with silver shampoo to prevent graying due to the mineral content of the water.

Do you have any other tips when it comes to aging skin? Share it with us in the comments below!

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