Foods to Avoid to Prevent Constipation (Part Three)

Have you always struggle with constipation? Perhaps the cause lies in the food you eat. In this article, we will tell you about some food you should avoid, or at least eat in moderation if you don’t want to continue to suffer from constipation. But before, check out our first and second part of this post.

White Rice

White rice is the variety of the Oryza sativa family of seeds that contains fewer nutritional qualities, being able to mention the fiber, which is known to be essential to avoid constipation and maintain adequate intestinal transit, that is, this type of rice presents compared to brown rice up to five times less fiber. The high starch content of white rice is another reason why it is considered astringent.

 Rice is also one of the most recommended and consumed foods for the treatment of diarrhea. The advice that eating white rice is good when suffering from gastroenteritis has been dismantled by scientific studies, but what remains is the astringent capacity of this cereal loaded with carbohydrates. However, it should be considered that this effect is lost if brown rice is consumed, which is more recommended for general health.

White Bread

The same thing that happened with rice as mentioned above happens with white bread. In other words, this type of bread contains very little fiber, if we compare it, for example, to other types of bread that have bran or are wholemeal, which, when included in the diet, replacing white bread, transforms the digestion into a much faster and lighter process.

This food is deprived of all the fiber content that is so beneficial for the intestinal transit and the organism when it passes through a refinery to obtain the product. This is also why it can cause constipation and heaviness in digestion and constipation. It is therefore recommended to consume breads made with organic flour instead of those that are more processed. This change will aid digestion and allow many people who think they have celiac disease to recognize that what really caused the symptoms was poor quality flour.

For this reason, one of the most repeated recommendations of doctors when suffering from constipation is to consume more fiber-rich foods, replacing any that do not contain fiber and are slower to digest. The recommended daily fiber intake is much easier to achieve if you replace white bread or rice with other varieties of whole grains that are higher in fiber.

Processed and Frozen Foods

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The way frozen foods are prepared and the processes they undergo to increase their shelf life significantly increase the risk of constipation after consumption, as is the case with fried foods. On the other hand, this type of processed food usually has an excessive fat content, which also hinders proper intestinal transit.


Using too much salt to flavour or preserve food can negatively affect the balance of solutes in the body, as it is a very dehydrating ingredient. Its consumption causes the body to divert more water to the cells and the stool does not receive enough liquid, so its hardness increases.


Apples are highly recommended for the treatment of diarrhea, which is why they have come to be considered an astringent fruit. The reason is that it contains a significant amount of pectin. Apple juice has been used for the treatment of gastroenteritis in children, mainly because it provides those salts that the body needs and which are lost with this disease, it also helps prevent dehydration.


Vegetables are the food group whose consumption is most recommended in the prevention and fight against constipation. This is so because its high levels of fiber make it an excellent food in this sense and as we can assume, they should be avoided if you suffer from diarrhea and just the opposite effect is necessary. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that cooked carrots and pumpkins are exceptional vegetables in this scenario and can cause constipation.

Carrots should not be left out as it is quite a healthy vegetable that has different properties that are very effective for the body processes. This vegetable contains pectin as explained with the apple, for this reason it is recommended to consume it when you suffer from diarrhea, it is important to take into account that the top layer should be removed due to its fiber content and boiled or cooked.

With tis extensive list, you should be good to go to prevent constipation. Have you been suffering from it? What techniques have you used to deal with it? Share everything with us in the comments below.

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