3 Different Ways Of Consuming Honey


Honey is classified as one of the healthiest natural foods. Statistics show that more than 1.5 million tons of honey are produced and consumed in the world each year. The market is driven by the consumer’s desire for something that is both beneficial to their health and affordable.

For centuries, honey has been known and highly recommended for its numerous virtues. Whether it is for health, skin or hair, honey has proven itself.

Honey as an alternative to sugar

It is obvious that honey is a true gift of nature. Not only is this food good, but it is also healthy, and its benefits are numerous. Carefully elaborated by bees from nectar, honey is full of nutrients: amino acids, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, enzymes and many others. It is also the recommended food if you want to improve your nutrition and reduce the number of calories provided by sugar.

Indeed, honey represents an excellent alternative to sugar. Both in terms of nutritional intake and health benefits, honey is more advantageous. Its main advantage is the absence of sucrose, which can be very dangerous if consumed in excess. Moreover, honey is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, which improves digestion.

Honey can therefore replace sugar in culinary preparation and daily glucose needs: to infuse in hot water or in tea, in the preparation of pastries such as cakes, etc. It should be noted that the use of honey instead of sugar is also suitable for people with mild diabetes.

Honey as a substitute for jam and as a culinary ingredient

Honey is known for its sweetening power, which is entirely natural. In addition, it provides an optimal amount of nutrients. Also, it can be used instead of jam. Whether you use it to spread bread or to prepare desserts, honey is perfect. Like jam, honey can also be used in yoghurt or as an accompaniment to various baked goods.

In addition, it can also be used as an ingredient in various culinary recipes, both sweet and savoury. With its natural sweetness, honey is ideal for enhancing the flavours of dishes. There are many recipes where honey is an essential ingredient, such as duck breast, glazed pork filet, glazed duck, banana flambéed with honey, etc.

Honey is consumed in the diet.

Honey is one of the foods that can be added to the diet, apart from fitness or outdoor sports. It is suitable for digestion and helps to eliminate fat at rest. Not only can honey be used to lose weight, but it can also improve the physical condition of the diet. Indeed, it is ideal to ensure good weight management.

Moreover, it can be consumed in different ways:

1. With lemon juice

To accelerate weight loss, you can drink lemon juice with honey every morning on an empty stomach. With this drink, it will be easier to eliminate excess fat.

2. With warm water

Honey mixed with warm water is also effective in managing weight. Since honey is natural sugar, it can help control cravings during the diet.

3. With cinnamon


For weight loss, honey and cinnamon are also reasonable options. When added to honey, cinnamon acts more easily on fat.

Remember, everything in excess can be bad for you, and yes, there can be something like too much of a good thing. So, yea, by all means, use honey but make sure that you get one that is ethically sourced and one that is safe for consumption. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more about the superfood that is honey.

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