The Secret Of Asian Youthfulness: Habits That Help Chinese Women Stay Young

The Secret of Asian Youthfulness: Habits that help Chinese women stay young

If you’ve ever been to China, you should have been amazed by the unique charm and beauty of Chinese women. As someone who was born in the West, I can tell you that it’s impossible to compare the average women in the East with the average women in America because Asians look much younger; most of them look like they are either in their teens or twenties – which explains why women from other nations are jealous while men are grateful for these living goddesses are making heaven on earth.

But, why is it downright impossible to tell a Chinese woman’s age by her appearance? What is their secret to maintaining youth and beauty until the elderly age?

Can genetics be the only possible explanation?

Experts have spent time observing the lifestyles of Chinese women and they have discovered that some of these habits contribute to their ageless beauty.

1. Chinese Women Have A Sacred Schedule

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 China has flocks of early birds.

The daily schedule of Chinese women is plain and simple: Wake up early, go to bed early and take a nap after lunch (compulsory).

It seems like everyone in China follows this practice. Interesting fact is that if they were to arrange a meeting, they would never say the exact time. Instead, it’s always “after lunch.”

2. Chinese Women Has A Special Diet

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Food always has an impact on our health and consequently, our age. Each country has its respective cuisine and so does China. However, I want to emphasize here what Asian women eat which makes them look so pretty (like always!)

  • Chinese Women Love Food:

    To my surprise, Chinese women don’t eat to live, but rather live to eat. There’ll be a few exceptions, but most of the times, Asian women don’t go nuts for diet fads. They take pride in the local cuisine and enjoy good food, which leads to a healthy relationship with food.

  • Say No To Processed Food:

    Move to China and you’ll stop eating things from cans anymore.

    Chinese families value home-cooked meals over chicken stock in carton boxes. Avoiding processed food which usually has a lot of preservatives, sugar and sodium, will only slow down the process of aging.

  • Forget Chocolates And Sweets:

    Westerners are addicted to chocolates like readers are to Stephen King. But Chinese women prefer spicy or even salty food compared to chocolates and sweets in general.

  • Asian Food With Tons Of Nutrients:

    Are you familiar with Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Vietnamese cuisines? Compare them with a typical American dish and tell me the difference.

    You won’t get lots of veggies or the creation of creative but tasty vegetable dishes in American cuisine. But, the “exotic” use of vegetables and fruits in traditional Asian cuisines help Chinese women with weight loss and slow their aging process.

3. Chinese Women Avoid The Sun

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The fact that sun exposure contributes to the skin aging process, causing wrinkles, dark spots and hyperpigmentations make Chinese women avoid it like a plague. Believe me when I tell you that Chinese girls will not go outside –no matter what kind of emergency – without any protection (like SPF or some extra layers of clothing). 

Oh and no, it’s not because they want to look Western. A fair skin shade is the beauty standard in most Asian countries and also often associated with a higher class status. Plus, avoiding the sun in Asia means protecting your skin against the brutal heat.

In China, umbrellas are not just for rainy days. During the daytime, it’s common to see women walking and using umbrellas to cover from the sun.

There is more to say about the secret lifestyle of Chinese women that helps them to stay young longer. If you want to know more, come back for part 2!

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