Styling Your Hair Using A Hair Straightener

It is something that most women have in their homes: a straightener. Magical hair tools that can transform a messy head into beautiful, shiny hair are your best friend during the busy holidays! Besides, going to the hairdresser in December can be expensive and time-consuming.
With so many products to choose from, you can quickly lose sight of the whole picture. We are here to help you choose the best straightener for your hairstyle and some tips when it comes to styling your hair using a straightener!

What Makes a Good Hair Straightener?

Our hair is the crown that we wear every day, and it has to look good.
Too much heat is not suitable for your hair, and it is something to keep in mind before styling. Fine, small, damaged, or dyed hair can be styled at 180 degrees. For long, thick, or very strongly curled hair, the temperature can go up to about 230 degrees. Remember to use heat protection first.

Also, 5 seconds per strand with a heat tool is more than enough. It doesn’t make sense to straighten the same part three times. It won’t damage your hair, but if you go gentle and tight on your hair, one flat iron is usually enough. Alternatively, you can also use a natural hair brush for perfectly straight hair. First, smooth your hair with the brush, then use the tongs to straighten your hair.

Best Hair Straightener

What should I look out for when buying a hair straightener? We suggest choosing a good hair straightener that has ceramic plates. The ceramic plates will constantly supply heat to your hair. By doing so, you can minimize the damage to your hair as much as possible. This is especially important for fine, damaged, or dyed hair.

The points to consider when choosing a straightener are:

-Additional features
-Reviews from customers
-Best-selling hair straighteners

How Often Should You Style Your Hair?

Avoid daily use; we recommend styling once every two to three days. If you see signs of damage, we recommend using the straightener a little less often. However, be sure to use heat protection as well. This will greatly affect the way your hair reacts to flat irons.

The Best Hair Care For Straightened Hair

Are you a fan of straighteners? It is essential to take care of your hair if you are. The heat from the straightener dries out your hair, and your hair needs to be moisturized. Try to find hair care lines that are formulated with ingredients that repair damaged hair and provide optimal moisture to the hair.

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Hair Straightener

Heat Protection When Using Straightener

Straighteners can get very hot. The importance of protecting your hair with a heat protectant before coming into contact with the straightener cannot be stressed enough. A good heat protectant will not only protect your hair, but also nourish it. It also prevents hair breakage, which can lead to split ends.

Hair Oil Before Bed

We don’t usually think about it much, but how old do you think our hair ends have gotten? And how much styling have they endured? Our hair ends are at least two to three years old. It’s no wonder our ends are thinner and more vulnerable than the rest of our hair. Apply a nourishing and restorative hair oil to the ends at night. Then, roll your hair up into a bun and pin the ends up. Just go to bed, and the next day you’ll have healthy, natural hair.

How do you style your hair using a straightener? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

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