New Trend Alert: Dermaplanning


Dermaplanning is a cosmetic procedure that has been among the top trend on the internet lately. It acts as an exfoliation treatment, also referred to as microplaning and blading.

Far from what people may think, dermaplanning, even if it involves using a sharp blade, is very safe for most people; it is recommended that it is practiced by a certified dermatologist to avoid any risk of cutting. You do not have to wait for recovery compared to other cosmetic procedures like micro-dermabrasion.

This is performed to remove the top layers of your skin; thus, it removes fine wrinkles and acne scarring, and peachy fuzz onto the skin (the soft hairs on the face) your skincare products to effectively penetrate the skin.


New Skin

It is important to know that medical insurance does not cover derma planning, and you shall be charged by session.

The cost per session depends on the place you visit for your treatment, but it normally ranges from $ 150 to $ 300. There is no recovery time needed, so you do not have to take a day off your jobs or habitual occupations; however, make sure to protect your skin from direct sunlight.

How It Works

A dermaplanning tool looks like a razor with a single blade. The concept is the same as shaving; you will hold your blade at a 45-degree angle and slowly move it across your skin. Make sure to cover your entire face so that it does not look uneven.

Our skin is constantly exposed to pollution, dirt, and sun damage; these cause the dull appearance of the top skin but can be removed by dermaplanning, which allows the formation of new skin cells.

The procedure is painless; the only sensation maybe a little tingling but nothing major. Make sure that you choose a very tough provider when it comes to hygiene, as a non-sterile blade may cause infections.

It normally lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and a skin soother will be applied right after. It is important to apply sunscreen, too; some dermatologists will apply it to your skin; if not, it is recommended that you bring your own with you.

Risks And Side Effects

There are no major procedures when it comes to dermaplanning, you may experience some slight redness right after getting your treatment, but it should not last more than one hour or two. You may develop whiteheads some days later, but it will not last long, just as the redness.

Make sure you go to a professional provider to avoid the risk of infection and scarring.

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Right After Your Treatment

This is what you should expect right after your treatment; you will witness that your skin is brighter than before, but it will take you several days to see the true benefits of the treatment. However, it is important to note that derma planning is not a permanent treatment; you will have to do it once a month; avoid doing the treatment too frequently as it may leave your skin more sensitive than before.

As mentioned above, I cannot stress this enough; you need to apply SPF to your skin right after (you need it everyday tho). If you have active acne, you may want to talk to your provider first; they will most likely reschedule your appointment as it may cause further irritation.

Home Dermaplanning

Dermaplanning tools are widely available for purchase, so you can perform the procedure at home by yourself. But it is not recommended to perform the procedure yourself as you can get hurt with the sharp blade, and you may not get the result you are looking for…

Dermaplanning is a very interesting procedure, which gives instant results. You may contact your dermatologist to seek the procedure, and if ever they do not practice it, they may recommend you to another professional. Let us know in the comments what do you think about dermaplanning…

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